Mar 20 / Vari


Røyksopp - Junior
Realeased : 23 March 09
Record label: EMI / Wall of Sound / Astralwerk

This review is Deep and Intelligent! You should all listen to us.
We know good shit when we hear it! Word.

Shari :
I found the album boring and borderline annoying. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a BIG fan of their earlier work (played that shit to death) but unfortunately this is nowhere near as memorable or progressive. Sorry.. :-(

Vari :
I overall like this album, but its not timeless . It sounds like its produced to please the commercial listeners. (Finance crises?) They are just not doing anything new with this. A bit disappointing actually. Its very similar to the previous albums Melody Am and The Understanding. But I love Anneli Drecker (Belcanto ) and Karin Dreijer (The Knife) their voices are the best thing about this album . Forgot to mention Robyn, well there you go.

Mari :
I think this album is very nice, very typical Røyksopp though. Shitloads of melody. I like ‘The girl and a Robot’ and ‘This must be it’.

Thor Elias :
Its fat!

Don :
Says nothing. (Too busy going to the gym.)

See them live Øyafestivalen, Oslo. 15th of August

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