Mar 29 / Vari


Isn’t it strange so many years on
I would find you trafficking in theatre?
Smash what’s left of your self with a brick
And your motivation grows infinitely clearer

Tonight we’ll see the reach of our dynasty
Describe a scene to complete our tragi-comedy
Get yes! A celebration of self negation

The exiled former autocrat is walking on an ecru beach
Westerly winds only serve to remind what’s just out of reach, and so bitter-sweet

Disarmed, deposed, looking so noir in civilian clothes
Beside black roads, my brother, you are a sight to behold, Get yes!

Once I had legions at my command
Not much use for a waste of a man
An evening action to shatter the day
As tyrannical impulses slowly ebb away

San Serac – Tyrant (Alernative Version)

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