Apr 22 / Vari


The Berlin duo Stereo Total are Françoise Cactus, (from France, drums and vocals) and Brezel Göring (guitar, synthesizer, sampler).

The music of Stereo Total can be described as:40% Yéyétronic, 20% R’n'R, 10% Punkrock, 3% electronic effects, 4% French 60ies beat, 7% genious dilettantism, 1,5% Cosmonaute, 10% really old synthesizers, 10% 8-bit Amiga-sampling, 10% transistor amplifier, 1% really expansive and advanced instruments, a minimalist production, meaning a home- made- trash- garage- sound crossed with underground, authentic as well as amateurish, ironic as well as effective, pop as well as political.

Fuck these guys are cool, just what we ll needed! Thank you Andy for the tip!

Stero Total - I love you , Ono
Stero Total – C’est la mort
Stero Total – Ich Bin Der Stricherjunge

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