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MALK ! Very talented and super interesting guys who drove us fucking crazy with their remix of COMA’S ‘Choices’. Definitely one of our faves this year. Shari was lucky enough to get a hold of David and pick his brain… Whoo hoo! Check it out, download the track and support MALK & COMA forever!


Who is MALK?

is a project founded by me (David Hasert) and Teen.Age.Angst

from Cologne/Germany in Winter 2006. We got to know each other in
a small town called Inzestica because we always raped the same sheep.
(OK this is not true but this was our press text for two years and we think
some people believed our story). ;-)

How long have you been djing for?
I have been Djing for nearly ten years. Today I’m playing minimal,
techno sounds with some pop influences. Teen.Age.Angst never really
djed, sometimes he is playing garage & punk records in bars. He also likes
German Schlager and Classic Rock very much.

What do you love to play the most?

I’m a singer and a producer. I don’t play any instrument very well.

Teenage.Angst is the musician in this band. He loves all kinds of instruments,
especially those that makes distorted noises. Sometimes he plays psychedelic
guitars like he’s doing in ‘Treasons’ or distorted synth baselines like he’s doing
in ‘dancing beat’. He likes quarrel, he wasn’t a normal kid!

Main inspirations of music?
I like Daf, Antitainment, James Holden, Grauzone, Casiotone for the painfully
alone, Dead Boys, Notorious BIG, Tangerine Dream, and Bauhaus.

What do you listen to when you want to relax?
My favorite tracks right now for chilling and relaxing are:
Woolfy vs Projections – Absynth (Permanent Vacation)
Mittekill – Liebling Liebling (Modul 8)
The Pet Conspiracy – Depot (unsigned)
Coma – The Strange (Firm/Kompakt)
Christian Löffler – Heights (KI records)

Favorite club to play in?
Bogen 2 / Cologne
Berghain / Berlin

Weirdest gig you have ever done?

On the Berlinale in Berlin. It was one of our first gigs and we were totally silly
and I didn’t know what to do so I screamed into the microphone the whole time.
Right next to me was a guy he was trying to scream louder than me.
“You’re totally shit”. Great fun!

Do you sing in the shower?

Of course, every misfits song is great performed under the shower.

Favorite food?

Eat less – drink more!

Favorite country?

The Blue Planet

Favorite website?


Coma – Choices (Malk Rmx)

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