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Pure pleasure, is what we get from Dillon’s Music. Just beautiful! She had us at Contact us and we have loved her music ever since. I have a feeling that we always will. If she doesn’t decide to go all ‘Britney Spears’ on us in the future? But we doubt very much that this will ever happen. Do not think this girl could do anything other than good in this world. Her soothing playful voice, those intelligent and mystical lyrics. So simple yet so deep and meaningful. I really don’t want to compare her to anyone, so open your ears and mind and you will feel the love. You can and you should buy Dillons music at : Itunes, Beatport & Finetunes also check out her collaboration with her fellow Germans COMA, very cool.

This clip will make you want to see Dillon live, fucking fantastic live set at Melt Festival 08. Killer version of ‘Contact us’. Check out the messy but so controlled arm dance! We are really hoping that she will grace us with some live performances in Norway and Australia very soon. Shari we might have to do something with this.. Pull those strings!!


Who is Dillon?
I am, Dominique Dillon de Byington.

How did this whole music thing start?
It is the result of complete and utter confusion, fear and strength.

What inspires you?
Everything really, pain. Bits and pieces. Love.

How long have you been making music for?

I have always made music, but I really became aware of it at 18.

What are you working on currently?


What do you listen to when you want to relax?
Billie Holiday.

Who are your hereo’s?
All actual heroes are essential men, and all men possible heroes…

Who would you kill to see play?
Jeff Buckley, Antony and the Johnsons, maybe not kill though..

Favourite gig you have done?

I always enjoy the stage. Even if by the end of the performance I am shaking and crying.

Weirdest gig you have done?

There have been a few of those.

Do you watch TV?

No, I do not.

Favorite food?

I like, sushi.

Favorite place?


What are you listening to at the moment?

The cars driving past my apartment.

Favorite website?


Ps. If you just happen to be in Bremen (maybe fell a sleep and missed your Ryanair flight?) on the 18th of July you can see Dillon live at La Boumbox. Shari!! Get on that plane lets go!!!

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