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Jason Schwartzman
, mostly well known to people for being an actor, starring in films such as ‘Rushmore’, ‘I Heart Huckabees’, ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘Hotel Chevalier’ and ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. He is from film family legends; his mother is Talia Shire (nee Coppola, Adrian from Rocky), his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, his cousins are Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Coppola) and Sofia Coppola and his brother is Robert Carmine (Robert Coppola Schwartzman), lead singer of Rooney. What many people don’t know is, is that Schwartzman is also a gifted musician. He has his own band, Coconut Records.  Schwarztman writes all the lyrics and plays most of the instruments. ‘Night timing’ was the debut, released in 2007 . ‘Davy’ was the followup released in March of this year.


Coconut Records – West Coast
Coconut Records – Nighttiming
Coconut Records – It’s not you it’s me
Coconut Records – Minding my own business

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