Jul 19 / Vari


Its Saturday night and all you want to do is just to have some fun and dance…?
But you are too poor to go out, too tired to do much more than talk shit, too picky about music and bored all at the same time? Well you are not alone! We (Annie & Vari) discovered something that can help. It is a 2 Minute Dance Party ! It works for a little bit trust us (but just for a little bit). We tested this track out for all you fellow weirdos. And it works, pump it up loud and pretend that you are at a really good dance party. hehe. I have a feeling there will be more moments like this, so we will keep on testing. Please feel free to suggest 2 min Dance Party Tracks and we can all have a boring, drunk, picky and tired time together. (Even though we might be in different countries and timezones). We miss you Shari! People! Dance and have fun as much as possible, life is too short! Peace.

Sebastian Leger & Chris Lake - Aqualight

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