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It’s not what you know it’s who you know, and we’re very privileged to know this very talented and super sweet man… Robi Insinna aka Headman | Manhead. As usual we threw our signature mini interview questions out into the universe and got a killer track back plus heaps of cool information… Please read and enjoy, there’s loads going on in the world of Relish Recordings.


Who is Headman?

is me Robi Insinna who also produces under the name Manhead. I’m not a split person, it was just because I like the idea of playing with names and having a project where I could use slightly different influences. The new album will feature Headman and Manhead on the same record.

How did this whole music thing start?
I wonder sometimes as well?! Since I can remember I was into music. At one stage I was very interested in the combination of art and music. So I guess since I was doing art I wanted to start doing music…

What’s just been released on Relish?

The Units ‘High Pressure Days Remixes’, Headman ‘Dreampieces/Dirt, and coming up is the Relish E.P. Sampler and Relish Comp II. Also, later in the year is the new Headman album.

What can we look forward to in the near future?
The new Headman 12″ featuring fellow Swiss man Dieter Meier from the legendary band YELLO and there are some amazing remixes coming with it as well.

Where do you continually get your inspiration?

Art, fashion, movies, books and old records.

Which artists are you currently listening to?

Most of the times old music like Bowie, Devo or loads of records from my 12″collection like: Grace Jones, A Certain Ratio, Klaus Schulze and so on…

Who are your hero’s?

Brian Eno, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Conny Plank. J.M. Basquiat And Keith Harring.

Who would you love to see play?

Talking Heads in 1984 during the Stop Making Sense Tour and Bowie when he was touring ‘STAGE’ in 1978.

What do you listen to when you want to relax?
I always listen to what I feel like at a certain moment, so nothing special just to relax. Lately I have been listening loads to more old school ambient like Cluster + Eno or Fripp & Eno. Also Robert Wyatt, Sleep album.

Weirdest gig?

There where a few in the past. I try to forget them pretty quick.

Do you watch TV?

I do, but not so much. Most of the times I would watch movies. When video clip TV was big I was addicted.

Favourite food?

Italian and Japanese.

Favourite place?


Favourite website?

Headman Myspace

Relish Recordings Website

DOWNLOAD >>> Headman – Random Disco

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