Aug 10 / Vari


Florence and the machine
and When Saints go machine.

What do they have in common? Not much really except from the obvious and that they both make very good music. def my new favourite, I am just in love with her music. She is fucking cool and up there with my favorites Kate B and Roisin M. Check out her new album Lungs and just get everything she has ever done. As it is all brilliant! Her version of Halo is just beautiful. Just one of many good tracks by her. When saints…. These guys are Danish and they somehow remind me of Hercules and Love affair but of course with their own eclectic style. The two tracks I have posted by them here are as different as can be. Fail Forever the vocals are so close to Arthur Russel him self , the whole song is just Arthur (thanks Jules!). While Spitting image is like a 90s mash up of everything, its all over the place. But its very cool.

Florence and the machine – The heardest of hearts

Florence and the machine – Halo (Beyonce cover)
Florence and the machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise it up) (The Lionheart Mix)

When the saints go machine – Fail forever
When the saints go machine – Spitting image

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