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We are introducing the much talented Dj and producer mister Gøran Dahlstrøm aka Sankt Gøran. About one year ago we stumbled across one of his Dj mixes (Live at studio søndag II) , Shari and Vari got very excited about this and has ever since followed up on his music. His Dj mixes are brilliantly constructed, a pleasure for the ear and the soul. And I have to say just the same for his production. If you happen to be in Gothenburg, you can catch him the club night The Eye where he is a resident Dj. One of my personal favorites by Sankt Gøran is ‛My friend played the guitar’ you can buy it here.


Who is Sankt Gøran?

It’s me as dj and producer. It’s also the name of the saint George in Swedish. Corny some might say but quite practical when wanting to stand out among the thousands and hundreds of djs in this country.

How did this whole music thing start?

Music has always been a part of my life bla bla bla…. Djing is one of those things that always was a part of my environment. At really young age I hung out wih some friends that were maybe around 13 years old and they had built their own mixing equipment out of two hi-fi CD-players and a RCA compatible fader they bought for like 5 euros or something. They played middle school parties and such. Later on, in the teens, I stumbled over two 1210 at the youths center in Falun where I grew up. I borrowed my brothers (JohnnyTooBad) Masters At Work 12″s and dance music has been a part of me ever since…

What inspires you?

A good crowd, A nice sound system, innovative thinking, innovative bartending, strange people, strange fruit, sex, nature. Gosh, this is silly.

How long have you been making music for?

I’ve been focusing on it for maybe three years now. It has always been a creative part of me, making music or just writing songs. It’s an urge to actually summon what floats around in my skull. I wouldn’t say that I’ve managed to capture the feeling yet though. When I do, you’ll notice it.

What are you working on currently?

Trying to get my compute to act normally after Logic crashed the other week. Besides that I’m doing some nice slow house beats prob with nice hooks in the end. Also I’m aiming to get a sampler out of my vocal project called Andro Genius. I did a piece of music as well for my friend Klaras photo exhibition that I’ll probably finish properly and make something quite poppy out of.

What do you listen to when you want to relax?
I love Sade

Who are you hereo’s?

My brother, for sure. Besides that I wouldn’t mention artists as heroes. My friends are my heroes.

Who would you kill to see play?

Well, If I kill them, I wont be able to see them play right? If it would work out anyway I’d definitely want to see Toumani Diabaté play live at Nefertiti in Gothenburg, the same place as where we host our friday night party The Eye.

Favorite gig you have done?

I had a really nice time doing Members of the trick at Cookies in Berlin, VS in Malmö was also great and over all I usually enjoy doing our resident nights at The Eye a lot.

Weirdest gig you have done?

Ooooh. One time I played a corporate gig in Gothenburg. I was hired by a firm that were into selling coffee. As the night passed I realised the company was some sort of Multi-Level Marketing-company (sort of semi illegal pyramid-game-like marketing). All the people who showed up where quite bitter because they’d lost all they’re money in this mega scam. And everybody wanted to hear traditional Swedish dance music. Except this girl, in the bar, she was confused but cute.

Do you watch TV?

No. I don’t have any TV. TV will make your brain rot.

Favorite food?
Breakfast. Toasted gluten free fiber bread, Västerbottenost, Cucumber, boiled egg, apple juice, black coffee...

Favorite place?

My mothers garden, in summer, winter, spring, fall. Doesn’t really matter. Nice place, very calm.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Romathony-Collins Ave. Just took it of your blog. Haven’t got that one.

Favorite website? (unfortunately)

Download his newest mix:

Sankt Gøran - Finally Fall mix


1. Mobach - Submersion Dub (SD Records)
2. Taron-Trekka – Sip N Dis (Brut)
3. Levon Vincent – These Games (Novel Sound)
4. Mountain People – Mountain007.2 (Mountain People)
5. Worst Case Scenario – Hot Beef (Rekid)
6. Steinhoff & Hammouda with Donnie – Touch (Smallville)
7. Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany – Highway (Jus-Ed Remix, We Play House)
8. Luna City Express – Rough Neck (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
9. Cooly G – Narst (Hyperdub)
10. James Priestley & Dan Berkson – Chariots (Simple)
11. Culoe De Song – Rhythmic Spirits ( ? )
12. Hunch – Travel The Earth (Feel Music)

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