Oct 19 / Vari


Every time I hear this groove, it makes me want to move.
Must be the feeling it brings to you that makes you feel what to do.
I know I can’t keep still for I don’t mind to hold you within.

When it comes, I start to yell, the next down on the floor.
Green lights start to flash, telling me it’s time to go.
Sirens start to sound, that means for me to get on down.
It’s time to move, time to get loose, anywhere you are.
It’s time to groove, me and you out there on the floor.
There’s no way to keep on grooving, no matter how you try.
And around, you feel that pain,
I wouldn’t tell you no lie…

CarmenTime To Move

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  1. Anonymous / Oct 19 2009

    you're the best

    you know i know

    love you so much

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