Nov 30 / Vari


Some killer tunes from some killer artists. A nice random selection to
kick start the week. You lucky bastards!

Vitalic – One above one [Buy It!]
Plastique de Rêve - Little Pika [Buy It!]

Chaka Khan With Rufus – Ain’t Nobody (Remix)
Jean Luc Ponty – In the fast lane
Nov 28 / Vari


Yep the original is the best. Yep this is one of many remixes. But……….. >>> VHS or Beta have actually managed to campy disco it up a little bit more.
The handclaps are bulkier, they’ve added some nice laser synth stabs and we’re totally loving the violin!
Nov 27 / Vari


1. Holy Ghost! – I will come back (Classixx Acapulco nights version)

2. David Rubato – Circuit (Siriusmo remix)

3. Jupiter – Mama used to say

4. Metric – Help I’m alive (The Twelves remix)

5. Pacific! – Hold me (Breakbot remix)

6. Lacquer – Behind

7. Château Marmont – Diane

8. Cinnamon Chasers – I like watching you (Diamond Cut remix)

9. Michael Cassette – Moonlight Runner

10. Friendly Fires – Skeleton boy (Grum remix)

11. Zoot Woman – Saturation

12. Le Corps Mince De Françoise – Bitch of the bitches (Russ Chimes remix)

13. Jamaica [PoneyPoney] – When do you wanna stop working (Pacific! remix)

14. The Juan Mc Lean – Happy house (VHS or Beta remix)

15. Passion Pit – Little secrets

Anoraak – Indian Summer Mixtape

Nov 25 / Vari


Masters at work - To be in love (MAW Club edit)
Blaze – Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision Remix)

Masters At Work - House Masters: Louie Vega - To Be In Love (MAW Club Edit)

Nov 24 / Vari


It’s ok, there is no need to be scared because Hercules & Love Affair have worked their magic with Lady Gaga. We love Hercules! Gaga not so much…!
KILLAHHHHH DUB! You know we know… ;-)

Lady Gaga  – Bad Romance (Hercules & Love Affair Dub)

Nov 23 / Vari


Well, the more I try to change

Well, the more I feel the same
Each day like the one before
Til I don’t wanna try no more

When working, tired and your feet are hurtin’
From runnin’ all the time, yes, trippin out of your mind
Too many times to notice, how the lonely soul is
Love is all alive, it’s waiting to arrive…

Tried everything, then tried it again
Been watching the flame burn to the end
Been wasting my bones, been takin my time
A bird from the ashes, burning to fly
Home from the sea, a theif in the night
Like Mr. Apiata, just doing what’s right
My brothers and me, my sisters and I
We’re waiting to arrive…

When working, tired and your feet are hurtin’
From runnin’ all the time, yes, trippin out of your mind
Too many times to notice, how the lonely soul is
Love is all alive, it’s waiting to arrive

So beautiful.
Much Love Shari & Vari X
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Boondigga

Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr. Boondigga & the Big BW (Bonus Track Version) - Boondigga

Nov 21 / Vari


The fourth and final installment in Sydney’s Future Classic’s Aprés vinyl series, dedicated to its weekly Sunday afternoon sessions of the same name. The vinyl version of volume four features music by Lithuania’s Mario Basanov and remixes by Arithmatix! (a new project from the artist formerly known as Touch Sensitive) and Downtown Party Network (Eskimo) and with a lovely vocal and instrumental mix by 6th Borough Project (Craig Smith & The Revenge).

For those of you in Sydney the Future Classic boys are celebrating this Sunday (today) from 2-8pm at the Tilbury Hotel. The Aprés CD Compilation will be available.

Apres 4 is officially released December 14th.

Mario Basanov - Do You Remember Arithmatix! [Buy It!]


Nov 21 / Vari


Stevie Nicks – Smile (Youth´s going home dub)

Nov 20 / Vari


There are many covers of this track, but these are (in our ears) the best ones.
Don´t forget about Ian and have a great weekend!
The Cure – Love will tear us apart (cover)
Nouvelle Vague - Love will tear us apart (cover)
Squarepusher -  Love will tear us apart (cover)

Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague - Just Cant Get Enough

Nov 19 / Vari


Straight outta Uruguay’s Atlantic Coast this piece is cosmic, melodic and its got catchy chords.
The keys! THE KEYS! ;-)

Rocha – Hands Of Love (Reverso 68 Remix)

Rocha - Hands of Love (fingers of Sand) - Hands of Love (fingers of Sand) (Reverso 68 Remix)

Nov 18 / Vari


It doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, there is always a time and a place for Melbourne’s Fromage Disco! And it is our absolute pleasure to have them back on board The Number 20. Yeeeeha! :-) So please take the time to read what our super fucking cool and ridiculously talented friends Nate and Trav have to say and then do yourself a favor, go out and buy their records. They wont let you down, trust us! Many hugs and kisses, Shari, Vari & Fromage Disco xxxx P.S. If you are on the Gold Coast and wanna dance your ass off, the boys are in town! How lucky are we…???!! Join Fromage Disco and one half of The Number 20 team (Vari you’ll be there via iPhone and spirit) and come down to Elsewhere this Friday night! Sooooooo exciting! :-) 


Who are Fromage Disco?

Fromage Disco is Dr Disconyx and Nate B. It originally started as a party where we could both play the music we loved, turned into a DJ duo, and ended up producing music. Now its a brand that encompasses all three.

How did this whole music thing start?

As above, an excuse for a couple of mates to play the music they love. We had both been doing DJing and events for a number of years before meeting up in Melbourne, found that music here was too minimal for our liking and that we wanted to hear proper music. So, we started a night that allowed us to play the disco sounds we loved, along with house, techno, and whatever else we felt like at the time.

What’s just been released?

The big news for us is the release of our first 12″ ‘Vicious’ on UK imprint Needwant Recordings, home of the future disco compilations. Runaway have done a cracking remix for the vinyl, while Melbourne local Agent 86 has turned in a great remix for the digital release. There’s also a few remixes we have finished for Brisbane’s Dektek Records in the last few months, our attempt at writing some slow house.

What can we look forward to in the near future?

More music, more gigs, and undoubtedly more beer drinking. An upcoming single ‘Acidic Strings’ for Agent 86′s label Lightspeed Recordings, complete with remixes by Pete Herbert and ex Fromage Disco resident DJ Andy Wallace. That’s to be followed by our first release for Melbourne bangers Smashbang Records. We’d also like to work on a Fromage Disco live set.

Where do you continually get your inspiration?

Nate: Listening to music, whether its singles, mixes, or whatever. We just listen to a huge variety of music, between the 2 of us I think country, trance, and hard house are about the only things we dont have covered. That’s often reflected in our DJ sets, you never know quite what you will hear and we like to draw on a lot of different styles for our productions. At the moment its hard not to be inspired by the wave of slow house sweeping the globe, its a real throwback to sounds I loved 10-12 years ago mixed up with touches of disco and its been the biggest inspiration for us in 2009.
Travis: Listening to the music Nate collects or other djs mixes.

Who are your hero’s?

Nate: I hate this question, can I just say Dr Disconyx?
Travis: aaah shucks, probably the dudes from Chic, Kubrick, Moroder or Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai. I’m easily persuaded.

What do you listen to when you want to relax?

Nate: The Revenge’s Skinny Slow Mo mix has been a highlight of the last few months. Such beatiful music I can just bliss out to. Although it doesnt have to be slow to chill me out, I still remember coming home from school as a kid and falling asleep in front of the speakers listening to hardcore and punk at high volumes. Travis: Beruit, Midlake, Sebastian Tellier, Bowie, aphex ambient stuff, Joakims bread and butter mix, alot of mixes of cool in the pool actually. Some mixes I’ve got from Blentwell and some mixes I got from Factmagazine, some fromagedisco mixes.

Weirdest gig?

Nate: It has to be the Berlin Sessions gig at Prince Bandroom a couple of months ago. Isolee and something else (?) were conspiring to keep me off kilter all night long. TRAVVY!!!! Thank god that video interview never turned up on the Berlin Sessions website. Travis: I played a gig at a sex party that was pretty weird. I was clothed the entire time, seriously! Also when I started out (2000ish) I covered for my mate for a month at a strip bar. I called in sick and went to the bigdayout and one of the girls ‘boyfriend/pimp’ who use to go around asking for a gold coin donation to get the girl a boobjob said he would play for free. I got the sack, I lost the job for my mate and it took ages to get paid. Worse gig ever! But it all honesty it was the best thing that happened, I thought I could make it all Studio54/Playboy Mansion with naked girls and the such and it just so wasn’t. I also have a terrible voice and I can’t do the ‘come on guys giveeeee it upppp for Phorsche’ or some typical stripper name.

Dream gig?

Nate: Been there, Millenium NYE in Miami. 6 hours of Victor Calderone followed by 11 hours of Danny Tenaglia. There were other rooms at the gig too but I dont remember them. With open bar all night I’m surprised I remember much at all! Travis: I love the soundsystem in Fabric.

Favourite food?

Nate: Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. Only problem with dark though is that you feel sicker after binging on a whole block. I find Hazelnut is much better for a good binge. Travis: Anything my Mum or my Fiance makes.

Favourite website?

The Number 20 ;-), DJ history, Bumrocks, Fact Magazine, WFMU and anything to do with free music theory tutorials.

Alex Ward – Showcase (Fromage Rmx)

Nov 14 / Vari


Iceland’s GusGus on MySpace

GusGus – Thin Ice (Ben Frost’s Safety Pants Mix)

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