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Bleepgeeks = dudes with great taste in music that live in a very cosy little place called Ulm in Germany. Lucky for me I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them in person and in the short time we spent together we came to realise our taste in music is very similar. Since then and even luckier for us they’ve been following The Number 20! Yay! :-) So when Serdar contacted me with this MIX and asked if we would be interested in blogging it, I said… ”HELL YEAH”! So please check it out, we’re sure you’ll get as much enjoyment out of it as we have. Danke bleepgeeks! Much love from Shari & Vari xx


1. Elecktroids – Future Tone (Warp Records)
2. Paul Blackford – Tear Drops (Elektrotoxic Records)
3. Dmx Krew – Texture Mapping (Turbo Records)
4. The Armed Gang – All i want (Chaz Ro Records)
5. Deodato – Keep on Movin’ (John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez Remix) (Warner Bros. Records)
6. Joe Coleman – Test Drive (F1 Team Records)
7. Network – Hard to give it up (Michael Langlois’ ‘Hard to cut out’ bleepgeeks paste)
8. James Otis White Jr. – Baby Come On (Musix Records)
9. Passengers – Makin’ the Rounds (Durium Records)
10. Private Class – Master of Love (Dba Records)
11. Dj Rasoul – Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe) (Large Records)
12. Mr. Finger – What About this Love (Alleviated Records)

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  1. Vari / Jan 5 2010


  2. Shari / Jan 6 2010

    yay 10/10 hehe :-) why thank you…
    love you

  3. danielborris / Jan 7 2010

    I listen with great interest and I like the mix. Good to see are also the Ulm – Germany, I was there and I liked it. in the new year can only mean more luck and good fortune.

  4. Vari / Jan 11 2010

    Luck it is :)

  5. Shari / Jan 11 2010

    luck and good fortune.
    sounds good to me.
    s. x

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