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Born in Colombia, based in Berlin, the gifted yet humble Paulo Olarte from freshfish records is next on board The Number 20. As you all know Shari & Vari get very excited when it’s mini interview time, as not only do we get a sneak peak into the lives of some seriously talented human beings but more often than not we’re given a special track to share with all of you!

We hope you enjoy our warm catch up with Paulo and delight in the very hypnotic ass shaking track below as much as we did…!


Who is Paulo Olarte?

Paulo César Olarte Toro

How did this whole music thing start?

It started at the age of 14 years in Cali/Colombia playing bass and singing in different punk and metal bands also with a big salsa influence which is present every day, every hour, every minute, every second in any place of this city (CALI) also known as la cuna de la salsa (first we learn to dance and after that we learn to walk).

What kind of music did you grow up listening to and do you think that still
influences you today?

I grew up listening to all kinds of music, my parents are very young, you could say they are like my older brother and sister. My father is a fantastic guitarist and my mother has a beautiful voice. My grandmother on my fathers side, an old Indian women who also had a beautiful voice. The parents of my mother were great dancers, so music was always there as a part of my life. I grew up listening to all this tropical rhythms like salsa, cumbia, reggae and others, and also the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Kinks. There was also jazz… So like I said before I grew up listening to all kind of music and yes this is all still a very big influence for me.

How would you describe the music you produce today?

Well good question, ten days ago I went back to Berlin after an 8 week visit in Colombia after almost 10 years not being there. If you had asked me that question before that trip I would have had an answer, but right now there is a lot going on in my mind and body, so it is quite difficult to answer, however, it is definitely  changing a lot and going in to a new direction. So I guess I’ll let you know that later :-)

What are are you listening to at the moment?

Lots of salsa, cumbia, old reggaeton, old dancehall and musica andina…

What do you love to play the most?

Good music, that makes you and me feel good and happy.

What are you working on right now?


freshfish update?

Slowly but surely…

What’s in the future for you? Remixes, originals, maybe an album?

Well in February an EP is coming out on Frankfurt based label Polytone Music, including an Antonelli remix and a Drei Farben House Remix. There are some other releases/remixes in progress but first I have to finish them, uppps… ;-)

Any Last words?

Happy 2010 for everyone. Peace and tolerance for a better world.

Paulo Olarte – Desvariando

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  1. Vari / Jan 29 2010

    Good job :)

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