Feb 28 / Shari


A sweet little love song from a sweet Canadian band Memoryhouse.

‘Bonfire’ is the b-side to to Memoryhouse’s ‘To The Lighthouse’ 7-inch, due out 2/3/10.

Memoryhouse – Bonfire

Feb 28 / Shari


Melbourne based DJ and producer Knanky Fuckles is definitely one to watch out for! KF sent me this track last week and I knew instantly this needs to be heard by a lot of people and now! KF has a freakish ability in evoking very definite emotions in his production. This track for example left me with a bittersweet feeling. The build up made me feel kinda sad, feelings of change, a sense that people are going to be torn apart… but then all of a sudden you realise it’s for the best, the sun comes up, contentment settles in and you’re smiling! It’s sad, it’s sexy and it’s comforting all at the same time.
This is BEAUTIFUL driving slo mo!

Knanky Fuckles – Answer 2

Feb 26 / Vari


It’s 1 YEAR today since we started this blogging madness. This little baby of a blog was named after The Number 20 bus. This bus will take you to where you need to go in Oslo. Well almost where you need to go. Its a pretty boring bus ride, but Shari and Vari managed to make it fun and free. Just like us and our blog… Fun and free!! Hmm? ;-)

Our main aim with this blog is to spread our LOVE for music and art. And not at least show respect and support for the artists we blog . The music industry is fragile like our nerves on a Sunday. We need to nurture whats left of it/them. So please for 2010 buy the music, show support and eat sandwiches!

VARI SAYS TO SHARI: It has been the year of the blog. I have got permanent shoulder damage because of it. We need to play in real time. Make it happen! !!FIREWORKS!!

SHARI SAYS TO VARI: I know! I have R.S.I (Repetitive Strain Injury) from all this extremely passionate blogging dedication to YOU (my partner in blog crime and best friend), music, the 20 and it’s supporters, the talented people we are so lucky to be in contact with and obviously how much we miss each other! Separation sucks sooooooooooo much! 2010 we are reunited! !!FIREFUCKINGWORKS !!

THANK YOU EVERYONE! For all the overwhelming support and feedback through the year. A special thank you to all the artists that have graced us with their words, music and art! You know who you are!

Much Love & Everlasting Respect Shari & Vari Forever Ever! xxxxxx


A-ha – Take On Me (Extended version)
Australian Crawl - Reckless
Savage - Don´t Cry Tonight
Blue Night – Turn Me Loose
Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties
Was Not Was – Wheel Me Out
New Order - The Beach (Original 12 mix)


Dance Reaction – Disco Train (Morgan Geist Carboose Mix)
Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant
Walter Jones - I Am Loved
The Revenge – Hometaping 04 B Side Forever In Their Debt (Bottle Of Scotch Mix)
Justin Faust – Holdin’ On
Muffin – Seagulls
Ali Love  – Love Harder (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
DJ Hell – U Can Dance (Carl Craig Remix V.2)

PLUS +++



1. The Kenneth Bager Experience – I Cant Wait (Toby Tobias Club Mix)
2. Pink Stallone – Hydroplanes (Joey Washington Edit)
3. Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldnt Hurt Me (Ooft Remix)
4. Fromage Disco – Repeight
5. Robert Babicz – Astor (Shur-i-kan remix)
6. James Johnston – Slow Dance & Romance
7. Ilija Rudman – Casual Joys (Jacques Renault remix)
8. Azari & III – Reckless For Your Love
9. Runaway – The Fire Below (Jungle mix)
10. Rove Dogs – Why Dont You Dub?
11. Rory Phillips – Solar Breakfast
12. Mudd – 54b (Ray Mang vs Fromage beats)
13. Glocal – After Midnight


Feb 24 / Shari


Jack Penate – ‘So Near’ remixed by New York’s Penguin Prison is so sweet so fun so oh hhhhh!

320 available via Neon Gold.

Feb 22 / Shari


Richard X gets misty-eyed on one of St Etienne’s many stand-outs! Mmmm soooo lovely!

St Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Richard X Extended Mix)

Feb 22 / Shari


Elitechnique (Florentijn Boddendijk and Remco De Jong) is a Rotterdam based cosmic disco duo closely associated with Clone Records. They are known for their super funky disco edits and solid remixes for Alden Tyrell Black Devil Disco Club, Sally Shapiro and more.


Elitechnique – Nite Lite (Sunset Dub)

Elitechnique - Nite Lite - EP - Nite Lite (Sunset Dub)

Feb 21 / Shari


Serena – Get Your Body Up (1983)
I:Cube – Falling (2010)
Rampi – Milano **
Chambouche – On the Streets Toby Tobias remix (2010)
David Young – Duh Suade mix (2010)
Ajello – Come Back **
Mark E – Nocturn (2010)
Ganzuzu – Drums on Fire (1982)
Mac-K-Cee and Ben Mudi – Gimme Some **
Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns (1981)
Byron Moore – Life Starts Today Tea Party remix (2007)
Soul Minority – It’s Not For Real (2010)
The Whispers – Planets 6th Borough Project edit (2006)
Lady Gaga vs. George McCrae **
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence acapella (1990)
The Electric Kids – Schizoid “Disco” Kid (1977)
Kym – Give Me The Dance dance mix (1983)
Graceful Exit – Let it Ride **

Bowl of Soul February 2010

Feb 21 / Shari


DJ Harri is synonymous with Glasgow’s vibrant House scene. His record breaking 20 year residency at the Sub Club was the foundation for it’s growth into one of the UK’s premier dance venues. Currently Harri is working on new material with The Revenge (Five20East) and has also been working on a collection of edits for Glasgow based L.E.S.S. Productions. Very nice stuff!

Herb Alpert – Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)

Feb 18 / Shari


Woolfy – Odyssey [Buy It!]
Mark E – Smiling [Buy It!]
Who’s Who – Hypno Dance


Feb 16 / Vari


Katja Ruge, what a woman! She definitely deserves a BIG post here on the 20.  She is German and so wonderfully represents all of the things that we LOVE.  Art & Music and everything that comes along with this. She does it so well that we are lost for words. She follows her dreams and stays true to her art. She has been doing this for a good while now so this is our homage to Katja. (Also known as the Russian Synth Cleaner!) We are very proud to introduce her and her work to you.


Katja Ruge
(Camera Visionary & DJ Gansta!)

Your first job?

I worked in a photo lab, then in photo agencies. I started to  photograph people in the music industry when I was 19.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up on the country side near Hamburg but moved into town when I was 17. I was still located in Hamburg but in between I stopped by Manchester and Cologne.

What are you doing now and where would you like to be in 5 years?

I still do photography and love it. I also do commercial work and travel documentaries. I couldn’t imagine my life without a camera. Basically I just wanna keep going as a photographer with the opportunity to work on my special projects such as books, exhibitions and collaborations with great people; musicians, visual artists and so on…

How come you’re so creative?

Actually I knew very early that I wanted do something creative. I always lived in my own world, listening to music with headphones while my parents watched tv. I used to do horse riding when I was younger and would always ride with the soundtrack I taped from the radio or from my mum`s old records. Today my favorite is the autobahn between Hamburg and Berlin, perfect route for a creative music ride… !  Music and pictures (no matter what it is) just work very good together. It fascinates me because it creates a unique space. When I take pictures I get inspired a lot from the locations I work in. This can be a nasty wall with a grey sky. But then the light falls into it, the person gets into the picture and I try to get everything together. This is a wonderful process.

How did you first discover house music?

I always liked beat driven music something to dance to, uplifting sounds.  Actually it came a lot from the soul all nighters I’ve been to when I was around 16-17, driving my scooter around  Germany with my gang at the time. Spinning all the classic northern soul stuff but also played tracks like Greg Perry`s – It takes heart, which is very disco. Then I ended up in Miami. Holiday with my parents, I got sick there and while spending time in bed I listened with my Walkman to the radio. The recording function was the key, at night  they played house music and I taped it. I still have the tape… Back in Hamburg I wanted to know where they play this type of music and I ended up at the club The front. It`s a legendary, it was gay, dark, sexy, hot, metal. I can`t  start to explain how many magical music moments I had there. It wasn’t very important to know who did the song, but house music was much more mysterious to me that time. Today we play some of that music at our Lovegang party`s in Hamburg and I still can`t get enough of that!

Play it forward! Please pick a track and tell us why you choose just this.

Of course a difficult one…I have chosen my first love, the Human League song Sound of the Crowd, I had to order the album Dare! and wait for weeks. I was 11  years then and still love the album to death and really hope they make a new great record on Wall of Sound this year.

Human League - Sound of the Crowd

Please tell us about the art work you have chosen and why you have chosen just this.

I decided to give you the photo of Tony Wilson from my book Fotoreportage23-in search of  Ian Curtis. He`s a legend, one of the great people in music history and I still can`t believe he died during the making of the book a few years ago. I still feel so blessed  that I had the opportunity to photograph him twice. This year it`s the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis death. A little morbid maybe, but we just cant thank him and his band enough. So many people got inspired by them and they still do.

I´m having an exhibition in Hamburg with the book from the 18/5 – 6/6 at Gallery Kulturreich, please people come along! Stay tuned for more information, there will be some great stuff going on during the exhibition.

Check out more of Katjas work and projects here :

Web, Facebook & Myspace

Feb 15 / Shari


You remember your first kiss?
Well how can I forget?
My hand still shivers
from the very thought of it

Well sometimes I almost regret it
like I regret my regrets
I see myself on my deathbed saying
“I wish I would have loved less”

But that’s when the feeling hits
so just lick your lips
these are the good times that you’ll miss
when you are sipping on the sweet nectar
of your memories

Just take a sip
and let it wet your lips
you won’t understand all this until you’re
sipping on the sweet nectar of your memories

Last night I ran into my old life
still waiting for someone at the station
someone who never made it into my new life
so I called up Lisa
’cause she’s my only friend
“Lisa I don’t know anymore,
every heartbeat needs a reason”

She said
“That’s when the feeling hits
so just lick your lips
can you smell the spring time in the breeze
you gotta start sipping on the sweet nectar
of your memories”

I take a sip
I let it wet my lips
I think back on that kiss
I gotta start sipping on the sweet nectar

That’s when the feeling hits

Jens Lekman – Sipping On The Sweet Nectar [Buy It!]

Jens Lekman Juno Relases


Feb 14 / Vari


CFCF (Mike Silver) was so kind to grace us with a mini interview. We here at the 20 have been following this talented young Canadian for quite some time now. He is most definitively in our hall of fame. Mike clearly has something very special, and this shines through so vividly in his production and his many brilliant remixes. His debut album Continent I is a journey of sound bliss. And we don’t get tired of it. Oh how we love to say just that.


What five words best describe CFCF?

Atmosphere, rhythm, melody, film and piano.

How did this whole music thing start for you?

Listening to music is pretty much what got me into it. I guess I got that feeling when you listen to something good where you want to try and do it yourself. I’d describe the music I make now as atmospheric electronic music, in varying styles… I have a hard time keeping myself to one genre.

What  did you look to for inspiration while making Continent?

Many different sources of inspiration. Music, film and television. Arthur Russell, Larry Heard, Tangerine Dream, David Borden, 80s and 90s and 00s Balearic pop. David Lynch (Twin Peaks), Werner Herzog (Aguirre, Woodcarver Steiner), Michael Mann (Heat, Manhunter). Honestly too many to list! Try http://www.viva-radio.com/cfcf . You’ll find my influences there most of the time.

If you could perform with someone living or dead live in concert who would it be?

Arthur Russell!

What sound or noise do you love?

In typical Twin Peaks fashion, the wind through the trees. Or a little piano arpeggio with tons of delay.

What are are you listening to at the moment?

A lot of Peter Gabriel, Dam-Funk, Popol Vuh, Prefab Sprout, Nacho Patrol, Michael Rother
and Walter Jones.

What is your vital daily ritual?

Coffee and an episode of Law and Order.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced at a show/gig so far?

Hm, nothing too wild I can remember unfortunately. Boresville.

What’s in store for you this year?

Playing some shows here and there, many remixes to come, releases of varying size on different labels! One with Rvng Intl. Hopefully a new LP with Paper Bag.

Any Last words?

Whenever you take a shower, always make sure the curtain is inside the tub.

CFCF - Raining Patterns
Memory Tapes – Last one awake (CFCF rmx)


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