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As we are so lucky to have so many creative friends around us, we would like to introduce them to all of you. First one out is Amber B. Dianda. I met this talented girl in Australia back in 2002. She was already  then doing the coolest things with her art. Photography, tailoring and whatever she could put together. She has come along way since then and she just continues to inspire us. We are proud to start of this series of posts on a very special Aussie.


Amber B. Dianda
(Photographer, Tailor & Creative Princess)

Your first job?

I grew up on a dairy farm so my brother and I always had jobs like getting fresh milk for the house and getting up before the sun to bring the cows into the dairy for milking but my first real job away from home was a waitress, which was a disaster… Thank God i’m creative cause i completely suck at everything else!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the hinterland of Queensland, Australia. My family were some of the first to colonize the Gold Coast, apparently we were ‘free settlers’ but knowing my family, i am dubiousness about this! Hehe!

What are you doing now and where would you like to be in 5 years?

I currently live in Southern California with myhusband Kirk Dianda. I really love traveling and learning about unfamiliar places and meeting new people. My husband and I love our work and happily submerge our whole lives in it, so i guess we will be where ever our creative work takes us.

How come you’re so creative?

My mum was always very creative with fashion and my dad is an inventor at heart, while both my grandmothers were sewers so growing up I always had that hands on or DIY mentality. I would also have to say, the first time I saw Bjørk in her ‘Venus as a boy’ music video, it blew my mind as a teenager and the wonderment continues till today. Her lyrics and ability to invoke emotion like she does constantly inspires me to reach new levels in my own creativity and also to be unique and follow my own path, no rules…and to always fight for what is in your heart.

Play it forward! Please pick a song and tell us why you choose just this track.

I picked the song ‘Storm’ which was written and directed by Bjørk and Leila Arab. The song is part of a soundtrack from the movie ‘Drawing Restraint 9′ that was created by Bjørk in collaboration with her partner Matthew Barney. I love this song because it gives me goosebumps when you listen to it on headphones.

DOWNLOAD : Bjørk – Storm

Be sure to check out more of Amber´s work here.  Blog & Website

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  1. Shari / Feb 1 2010

    hi amber! thank you!!!
    good work vari. GREAT!
    hi 5

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