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I met Mox in Germany a few months ago. Not only is he a super nice guy but he is also a very talented artist. He does amazing visual arts and he is a brilliant DJ. What more can we say? He inspires us and we are proud to introduce him to you.


Mox Morka (Video Artist, Composer & Dj Extraordinaire )

Your first job?

My first job was designing some Bio- Climatic Architecture for a research company.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up In Poland and Germany.

What are you doing now and where would you like to be in 5 years?

I am working as Director, Video Artist, Composer.  I just love doing it all! I’m now living in London, but I am often in Germany and Austria.  I would like to be somewhere hot, being creative and happy with my life. The usual stuff:)

How come you’re so creative?

The fact that life is so short and precious. Working with other mad creative people and my vision of new and bigger ideas.

How did you first discover house music?

I will try and keep this short..  It started with Polish Jazz, old jazz films, Hip Hop and Wired 80s electronic music. Stevie Wonder and his tune ´As´ just changed it all for me in general.

Then one day me and my friend got into the whole DJ/VJ thing. Partying, playing and so on. House Rave, DNB and Detroit. Somehow I was more into depth and melody and I remember my mate dropped the track 808 State - Pacific (Groove Rider Remix) this track was so different from the rest of the dark stuff at that time. And not at least Stacey Pullen and Chez Damier - Forever Mix 1 (Serious Grooves records).  I got this In a local record shop. This was it for me. I was over the moon, I loved it!

Play it forward! Please pick a track and tell us why you choose just this .

Carl Craig - Domina . One of my all time favorite tracks . Its one of those tunes that makes you feel like you are in some dark bar drinking your self to death.


VIMEO (More Mox eye candy!)

++ Download his killer mixes :

Mox – Winter Blabla #1

Mox – Winter Blabla #2

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    He is indeed.

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    the shit

  4. Bert Scutler / Feb 12 2010

    He’s like a bed full of snow.

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