Mar 31 / Vari


is a very talented duo from Iceland. We like this band and we really like this song.
Their debut album ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ is set to be realsed sometime this year.
Feldberg -Dreaming [Buy It!]


Mar 30 / Vari


Its fully possible to eat ice cream be hungover and have a rave all at the same time.
Try this at home first as it can become very messy.
For training purposes we recommend the French raver machines Spitzer & Jupiter.

Spitzer - Odessa (spring version)
Jupiter – Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)

Spitzer - Edges - A New French Electronic Generation - Odessa

Mar 30 / Shari


I wanna be where ever you are.
Please enjoy this new Eli Escobar track, it’s beautiful, like you.

Shari is really missing Vari.

Eli Escobar – Oslo

Mar 27 / Shari


Miss Sally Shapiro is back with a remixes EP from her recent album ‘My Guilty Pleasure’, out digitally April 16. You can buy it here but because we love you, download these two in the mean time.

Sally Shapiro – Love In July (CFCF Remix)
Sally Shapiro – Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix)

Mar 25 / Shari


Sebastien Tellier – Fingers Of Steel (Hypnolove Remix) [Buy It!]

Tellier & Hypnolove – INTENSE. WOW!


Mar 24 / Shari


There’s not a lot known about the dudes that did this remix. Who is Universe…?! What’s his/her/their deal…?! What we do know is their Location, Sydney, and that they have serious talent in the production department! Check out their/his/her remix of Miami Horror’s ‘Sometimes’. Good shit!

Miami Horror – Sometimes (Universe Remix)

Mar 23 / Vari


It´s mini interview time! This time up we had a nice little chat with Gernot Ebenlechner, one half of the production duo Freedom Satellite. They are signed on the very interesting Austrian label Vienna Scientists. A label really worth checking out! I would dare to describe their sound as highly intelligent, tribal, soulful-house put together in the best form possible. We love their sound and we will continue to follow these guys. I highly suggest that you guys do the same.


Who is Freedom Satellite?

We are two guys from Austria, namely Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner, who first met each other back in 1997. Raised up in Burgenland and Lower Austria (i.e. Austrias countryside), later moving to the capitol Vienna we both were already part of different local music scenes successfully DJing, producing, and touring. Freedom Satellite is the artist or band name (whatever you like to call it) for the music we create together.

How did this whole music thing start for you guys?

Before we actually “joined forces” we had quite different backgrounds. At the time of our first studio session Jürgen had already been a DJ for about 10 years, owned a huge record-collection and ran a record-store. I for my part was looking for some new music experiences after producing, playing drums in various bands and quitting a long time indie-pop project. Soon we found ourselves in the studio developing what quickly became the definition of Freedom Satellite’s sound which I personally like to describe it as contemporary electronic music based on the foundations of black music.

How did the name Freedom Satellite come about?

I have a strong relation to real satellites from my scientific work at university but to be honest I don’t remember if that’s a simple coincidence. For sure it was Jürgen who came up with this name and it really feels “connected” to us after all these years.

What do you love to play the most?

Let’s see, Jürgen is such a experienced DJ that you can find superb sets in a lot of styles. If I had to name a single one I’d bet he cares the most about deep and soulful Jazz. Personally I’m into Tech-House in the club and for radio-shows I’m heading out for what I call “Surviors of the Downbeat Hell”, a loose idea of tracks, artists, and styles ranging from electronica, jazzy tunes, to avant garde pop and the likes. For me a good radio-show reminds you of all the remarkable sounds that exist, be it old or new.

What are you listening to at the moment? Who should we look out for?

I keep that one simple: you could tune into Vienna’s radio station, they broadcast a tasty selection with all kinds of specialists that keep you updated. Watch out für Jürgens weekly
“Easy does it” show.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced at a show/gig so far?

Doing my first big foreign gig, starting in my first track, needle skips and… pause (aka “the big nothing”).

What’s in store for you guys this year, touring, remixing an album maybe?

Up next is a Maxi with our track “Astro Black”, doing some remixes, working on our debut album, Jürgen will be busy touring Europe with the release of the “Vienna Scientists V” compilation.

Any Last words?

Thanks for your request and keep grooving!


The boys have given us a very nice present, this track is featured on the Vienna Scientist V
compilation. And will only be available for download here at the 20 until March 31st, so be
sure to grab it now and play it loud!

Freedom Satellite – Astro Black (The Big Wow Mix)

Also be sure to check out the boys Dj mixes on PlayFM:

Jürgen Drimal & Gernot Ebenlechner

Mar 21 / Vari


I think I’ve been waiting for this mix since Shari learned how to Dj back in 2007. The day has finally come! My partner in all types of crimes has produced a mix. I’m seriously deeply GET DOWN proud to pass this gem of a mix on to you lucky mother f***ers. When It comes to music this beautifully retarded genius knows her shit. Download, save, copy, burn and add this to your playlists.


1. Nicolas Jaar – Time For Us
2. NUfrequency – Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
3. Fortune – Highway (Eli Escobar Remix)
4. Acos Coolkas – Untitled
5. Ali Love – Love Harder (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
6. Chaz Jankel – You’re My Occupation (Fromage Remix)
7. John Daly – This Is A Lonely Beat
8. KRUSE, Florian ft SAARA – Thrill (Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert’s Satinsoul Remix)
9. Mario Basanov & Vidis ft Jazzu – I’ll Be Gone (Downtown Party Network Remix)
10. Sebastien Tellier – Things Are Gonna Get Easier

Boots Is Shari SoundCloud

Mar 18 / Vari


Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive is in my opinion Norway’s finest electronic producer.
And he has been for good many years now.
Its about time we give him a big shout out here at the 20.  Respect!

Mental Overdrive – Europa

Mental Overdrive - Europa - EP - Europa

Mar 17 / Shari


Out of all the remixes of Passion Pit out there Cassette Club nail it!

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Cassette Club Remix)

Mar 15 / Shari


Todd Terje – Glittertind

Mar 13 / Shari


‘Enamoured’ is track one from the huge 10 year anniversary compilation by Kris Menace’s french-house label Work It Baby.

The compilation includes all previous Work It Baby releases alongside exclusive unreleased gems from Fred Falke, Patrick Alavi, Lifelike, Charlie Fanclub, Serge Santiago’s Trilogyyy and Jaunt.

Sounds good to us!

Kris Menace & Fred Falke – Enamoured

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