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Oh man FINALLY! Yep that’s right! We’ve got a mix from Don Nadi! We’ve got a mix from Don Nadi! We’ve got a mix from Don Nadi! Na na ni na na…

Do yourself a favor and download this mix from the legendary Don Nadi! The man responsible for sooooooo much good music in a one horse town, the musical entertainment at Vari’s (one day) wedding on an island somewhere and the guy that showed Shari the light over 11 years ago (yep it’s his fault – he kinda created this little music design monster) ;-) !! Thank you! We Love You!

Don Nadi – March 2010

I told him “don’t do it that way, you’ll never make a dime” Disco Mix

1. The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot (Pilooski edit)

2. Claudja Barry – Love for the sake of love

3. Primal Scream – Screamadelica (Ooft Music edit)

4. Mott The Hoople – Bastard (Amo 1 edit)

5. The Congos – Conga Man (Carl Craig edit)

6. Talking Heads – Slippery People

7. Jackson Jones – I feel good put your pants on (Pilooski Dirty edit)

8. Shriekback – My spine is the bassline (1982 12” edit)

9. Disco Congo – (The Disco plumber edit)

10. Bamboo – Spaceship crashing

11. Was (Not Was) – Wheel me out

12. Padded Cell – Konkorde Lafayette

13. Giorgio Moroder – Utopia

14. Telex – Mosco Disco

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  1. Nate / Mar 4 2010

    Anything with Jackson Jones on it is alright by me!

  2. Vari / Mar 5 2010

    AAhh how we have waited for this. Fucking killer mix!!!! It was and its always worth the wait!!! Don! its all your fault!

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