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It´s Mini Interview Time!!! This time I have chosen my good friend and one of my favorite Oslo deejays Øyvind Morken. This cool dude always takes you on a journey when he plays, which I love! His taste in music is very classy and you never really know what direction he will take you. He has soo much passion for his music and this clearly comes out when he plays. With his mates Strangefruit (Mungolian Jet Set) and Kango he runs the very fucking cool record label Luna Flicks . Øyvind has given us one of his dj mixes for you to download, be sure todo so as this mix is fucking awesome.


What five words best describe Øyvind Morken?
Hungry, active, daydreamer, achiever, stabeist (stubborn)

What is your vital daily ritual?
Food, without it I’m a pain in the ass.

Please tell us about your record label and what we should look out for?
The baby is named Luna Flicks, and we have just released our 10th record
which was an EP from Skatebård. Chicago-ish house and something more.
Our next release will be a new project from diskJokke & Strangefruit from
Mungolian Jet Set. It’s called The Shookt. The there is two Mungolian Jet Set
remixes of Norwegian singer Unni Wilhelmsen, then the Todd Terje, Lindbæk
& Frisvold
and Montezuma`s Revenge remixes of Moon Jocks And Prog
Rocks, followed by a really god “Balearic” record by Main Stem with a Luna
Flicks dub and also there is a Montezuma`s Revenge EP in the making. And
also some unfinished projects in the pipeline. We are also putting on a beach
party called Luna Flicks Not So Balearic Beach Party in Oslo on a sunday in
late july. It’s a 10 hour free beach party at Huk beach. And we might also do a
illegal little rave up in august here in Oslo at this wicked secret venue we have
found. This will be done with a gay club night called Fire just to spice things
up a bit extra. We did a loft part together some months ago which was
fantastic, so we want to try to do some more events, focusing on secret
venues with a loud sound system.

How did this whole music thing start for you?
I think I was about 10 years when I started to dj at the local youth club, been
hooked ever since.

What are are you listening to at the moment?
New records I just bought, demos I get sent, right now it’s Elvis Castello and
Burt Bacharach`s album Painted From Memory. Lovely album.

What do you love to play the most?
Long wild sets that take in 30 years of dance music and more.

What/where is your ideal club scene?
That would be a scene that was not a scene. I wish people would just go out
and listen to good music and not focus much on hypes and trends.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced at a show/gig so far?
Not so long ago after I just finished a regular gig at a small club here in Otown,
I was going up to this illegal rave-up to play the 04.30-06.00 am closing
set. I ended up playing until 10 in the morning. Playing loads of crazy disco
records, Detroit techno, funky weird electronic stuff, old acid, super deep
house music and even some electro. Needles skipping, sweat dripping from
the ceiling, people going totally bananas and a promoter who let me keep on
going. I think that was the closest I will ever come to what Ron Hardy must
have felt at the music box when this music was new and fresh. The mix for
you is loosely based on that night.

What’s in store for you this summer, where can we see you play?
Next to our own events, I will be djing at local clubs, bars, out door parties and
more around Oslo most weekends this summer. Then there is a trip to Berlin
for a long weekend with my girlfriend, where i will be playing at Kleine Reise
with Maurice Fulton. I will also be playing with Omar-S at Lot Lot when it’s the
Øya Festival
here. That should be fun. And hopefully dive some bars with
some close friends, and enjoy the summer in the sun.

Favorite website?

Any Last words?
Enjoy life, party hard but work harder, be nice, eat healthy, be good to


Øyvind Morken - Illigal Afterhours Mix


1. Gene Hunt – I Know You Care (Hour House Is Your Rush)
2. Soft Rocks – March Of The Dark (Soft Rocks)
3. Social Disco Club – Downtown *Version 1* (Hands Of Time)
4. Lil Tony – Mona (Running Back)
5. Rhythm & Sound with Paul St. Hilaire – Free For All *Soundstream remix* (Burial Mix)
6. Major Problems – Overdose, The Final Trip *Eric Duncan & DJ Spun edit* (Tu Rong)
7. Bam Bam – Where Is Your Child (Westbrook Records)
8. Idjut Boys & Laj – Schlam Me (U-Star)
9. East Wall – Privacy (Automan)
10. Elektrik Dred – Butter Up, Give Me Some Bread *Instrumental* (Sound Of Florida)
11. DFD – Poppe (Electric Minds)
12. Jennifer Cardini & Ho – Stay (Crosstown Rebels)


Øyvind Morken : Myspace & Resident Advisor

Luna Flicks : Myspace, Facebook & Soundcloud

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  1. Shari / Jun 30 2010

    nice job vari. x

  2. Vari / Jun 30 2010

    The wheels are running slow, but we do quality over quantity!

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