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Its about time we bring you another interview and certainly about time to introduce you to the very talented Kid Who. You might have already noticed his name and music by now. He is fairly new to the game, but we have been following him for a while. We started off by noticing his blog which was and still is full of really good music and his own edits. Its also really cool to see that his name and music has been spreading since then. The kid totally deserves this and we are really looking forward to hearing more good music from him. Now sit down relax and get to know him. Ps. Make sure you download his mix that he did exclusively for the number20. Lucky us and lucky you :)


Who is Kid Who?

That would be me! Louis Jaquet, a 24-year old producer/DJ living in South London.

What five words best describe you?

I’d have to ask other people but then they would probably all give different answers… who knows…

What is the story behind your name?

That was my first gig in London, which must have been in 2005. I was booked through a friend to play at a b-boy party (I was mixing funk and hip-hop at the time). They called me up at the last minute to get details for the flyer, but I didn’t have a name so had to think of one on the spot. I sat down for two minutes with my then-flatmate and we came up with this one.  I’ve never bothered to change it, so here we are!

How did this whole music thing start for you?

I guess the first proper release was the Mindless Boogie EP at the beginning of the year. It’s a funny story actually. I was making loads of edits at the time, and thought I’d try my luck at getting a release out. I emailed Dirk from Mindless Boogie with a link to some edits and asked straight-up if he wanted to do a twelve. He actually declined initially, but then about a week later he sent over 5 tracks and told me to pick three and see what I could do with them. A few months on and the record came out, and things just progressed from there. Now there are a handful of remixes and an EP out and I’m getting plays from people like Aeroplane and Tim Sweeney. It’s really been a dream-come-true. Hopefully 2011 will be even more exciting than 2010!

Weirdest gig?

Playing to a room full of deaf people at a bar in King’s Cross. I did get them dancing though!

What are you listening to now? Who should we look out for?

I’m really loving The Backwoods album on Ene right now. There’s a track from there in the 20mix, I thoroughly recommend grabbing the whole album. Mushrooms Project are amazing too, also in the 20mix.  At this very moment I’m listening to Brainticket – Celestial Ocean.

What’s in store for you this year?

Lots of stuff coming up… I’ve just finished a remix for Enzo Ponzio that I’m really pleased with, which will be out soon on Pizzico. There’s also a remix for Space Ranger which should hopefully be out before the end of the year on Lightspeed. I’ve also just won a Chicken Lips remix competition run by DJHistory, that will be available soon as well. Aside from remixes I’m putting together original material for Pizzico and also starting my own digital label, Bravura, along with a producer who I’ve been working with over the past few years. We’ve already got some tracks nearing completion for the first release, and a few exciting people have expressed an interest in getting on board in the future, so keep an eye out for that! No album on the horizon just yet… after a few more EPs perhaps…

What is your favorite word?

Too many great ones to choose from.

What sound or noise do you love?

Anything through a tape delay. That’s probably a boring answer! How about that crunching sound when you’re walking on snow? I’ve always liked that. Through a tape delay perhaps?

What advice should you have taken, but did not?

I guess I try and live with as few regrets as possible. I’ll leave it at that :)

What is your vital daily ritual?

Every day has to start with a cup of tea.

Do you collect anything?

I’ve got a weakness for 70s/80s throwaway spy novels. Sad but true.

What is your worst addiction?

Tobacco. And pasta. I could eat it every day. I even make my own sometimes. I’ve got the rolling machine and everything! I’ll be enormous in the future…

Whats your favorite website?

Lovefingers was pretty mind blowing. Soundcloud is great too. But the crown has to go to Youtube. People are uploading so much incredible obscure old music these days, I can spend hours skipping through the ‘related videos’ lists, finding plenty of gems. It’s amazing for laughs too. Search for ‘binocular football’.


Kid Who – The Number20 Mix

1. Mushrooms Project – Tropikal Mushrooms (Original Mix)
2. Pollyester – German Love Letter (Permanent Vacation Mix)
3. Jonathan Kusuma – Preparation
4. Pional – The Onset
5. DPlay – Schroule
6. Enzo Ponzio – A New Way (Golden Bug Mix)
7. 2020 Soundsystem – Ocean (Ray Mang Dub)
8. Johnny Paguro – Igadadadoo
9. The Backwoods – Breakthrough
10. Moscow – Deep Heat
11. Barfly – Street Talk
12. The Horses – Galactic Radio
13. The Sjukt – Ghost in the Machine


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  1. Almanac / Oct 13 2010

    Just stumbled accross your delightful blog, digging it!

    Happened to pick up some Kid Who the other week too, Ochre is an amazing tune as is Ocean by 2020 soundsystem in mix he did you you guys.

    Cheers from Melbourne Aus! :D

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