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Alex Hughes aka. Almanac is a talented Dj from Melbourne, Australia. We found him on Soundcloud our favorite website :) He makes very nice mixes, and he has been soo kind to make one for us!


Well I think this should cover it. Be sure to download his mix and spread it like hot butter
(or cold ice cream!)

Basically I grew up with an older brother who used to play old french house records and he taught me how to mix vinyl at a relatively young age. My best mate and I bought our first set of turntables and started buying records at about 18 years of age (I’m now 28) and at the time I was actually pretty into progressive house and even a bit of, shock horror, trance…  Was really into djs and producers like Sasha and John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold etc., basically anyone that did a Global Underground mix CD.  I guess I’ve always been fond of a nice melody!

Its funny because I actually stopped playing and even sold my decks as electro kind of took over and found myself listening to a lot of indie rock and pop and was more into bands for several years…  I think the resurgance of deep house and then disco sounds and re-edits is what really piqued my interest and passion for dance music again.  Over the past few years I bought myself a new set of decks and started collecting records again.

I think in terms of favorite artists, Aeroplane (especially their remixes) and Holy Ghost! are probably top of the list, but I also try to include as many local artists in my mixes, guys like Francis Inferno
Orchestra, Fromage Disco, Tornado Wallace and Flight Facilities have been putting out releases that, in my opinion, are as good as anything I’ve been hearing from Europe or the States.  When it comes to labels, there just seems to be so many that have great artists and releases under their belts recently, I think its been a great year for dance music.  Gomma, Under The Shade, Eskimo, DFA, Lightspeed, Permanent Vacation, (I could literally go on forever) are all favorites.

When it comes to playing out in my local hometown of Melbourne I’ve recently played with Fromage Disco at their night at a club called New Guernica and supported Golden Bug when he played out here earlier in the year.  But in all honestly I’m  fairly new to the club scene.  I guess at the moment its really about trying to make a bit of a name for myself and take any opportunities that come my way.  I’d like to think that there’s an audience out there for the kind of sound I play!


Almanac – Midnight Dikso Mix (Guest Mix For TheNumber20.com)

01. Craig Bratley – Birdshell (6th Borough Project Shell Toe Mix)
02. No Requests – Jonesin’ For You
03. Illija Rudman – See (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
04. Aeroplane – Caramellas (Album Version)
05. Escort – Cocaine Blues
06. Kid Who – Ochre
07. Tiger & Woods – Love In Cambodia
08. Clock Opera – Once And For All (Little Loud Remix)
09. Marin Brodin & Dumb Dan – Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix)
10. The C90′s – Shine A Light (Midnight Savari Remix)
11. Uniforms – 1020 Trickery Lane (Rainbows Of Death Remix)
12. Bubble Club – Morning Star
13. The Glass – Four Four Letter (Black Van Remix)



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  1. Nate / Oct 30 2010

    Good stuff guys, nice to see the Melbourne support continuing!

  2. Shari / Nov 9 2010

    fucking great mix :-)

  3. Jules / Nov 10 2010

    This is goood!!! how cool is the escort track???!! got some melba moore references I think hehe!! thanks girls!

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