Nov 22 / Vari


I’m in a small town, its Monday, its fucking freezing and I feel like sharing some good sounds.
That makes total sense to me, enjoy!

Mark Seven – Sermon (Serotonin Edit) [Buy It!]
Feix Da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear (U-Tern’s Evening Wear Edit)

Check out more releases from Mark Seven, Felix Da Housecat & U-Tern.


Nov 21 / Shari


She’s perfect for one or many evenings.
Enjoy this pleasant little Feist jam.

Feist – One Evening (VV Mix)

Nov 16 / Shari


Yep it’s that time again, please welcome Monsieur Malcolm Dakeyo aka Kelton Prima on board The Number 20. For those of you that need an introduction Malcolm is a super talented musician living in Paris, and well to put it simply he’s just one of those dudes that was born funky, he can’t help it and we love him for it! ;-) Soooo read, listen and most of all enjoy Welcome To My Keltonic World (exclusive 20 mix)…! YAY! Merci Monsieur!


What five words best describe you?

It’s better if you ask this question to my cat, I think it’ll miaow five times in letting you know I’m a good guy ;-)

What are your earliest musical memories?

When I discovered records like “Trans Europe Express“ from Kraftwerk or Space Art in my parents vinyl collection. My father collected vinyl so I was lucky to be able to listen to many different types of music. There was always music playing at home so naturally it became a part of me from an early age and from these experiences my passion begun.

What’s the strangest moment you’ve experienced in your career so far?

When I played with Carl Cox in Toulouse (south of France) at the end of the 90′s. It was really quite stressful because obviously the public paid to listen to a superstar DJ and weren’t really up for listening to the rest of the line up. I basically played for one and a half hours in front of an audience of zombies who only moved their head and feet on the rhythm but they didn’t really dance! So when Carl came on stage to take over the decks all the public instantly woke up and became hysteric whereas all the other artists played good sets prior. Sometimes I don’t understand why people don’t make an effort to open their ears but I guess it’s like that from time to time. This experience stands out and was quite punishing for me unfortunately, of course I have some other strange/nightmarish experiences but generally I prefer to forget them and get focus on the good ones.

What’s in the future for you?

Well to talk about the future we must see the past and present. I’ve worked a lot this last year… After “The Arrival EP“ was released on Disco Praline I got a lot of positive feedback and propositions but unfortunately because of the global economic situation or artistic choices some releases and remixes (Hard Ton on Gigolo, Thomas Ray from Starlight Boyz on Black Leather and Thieves Like Us on Debonton) were canceled or are on stand-by. Many labels have had some trouble selling records for a few years now and it’s been even harder these last few months.  So I’ve been hanging in there but now things are starting to move in the right direction and I have confirmed releases for the end of this year and for the start of 2011. If all is OK in December a remix for a French girl called :MARR will be released on White Glove Productions, then one EP with remixes from Ytre Ryndem Dansskola and Johnny Paguro on Pizzico Records and another EP for Need Want records with the great Hard Ton featuring and also a guest remix. I’m also preparing another project with more tracks for Tonite Records and thinking about a new collaboration with Jamal Moss, Mathematics label. But apart from that I’m having a little break to refresh my mind, I feel I need to take this time to be able to restart my work with a good feeling.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve listened to different kinds of music at different periods of my life like all music lovers I guess… So the list is long and could be boring but to try to be concrete when I was young in the 80′s I was intrigued by music from machines so I mainly listened to synth pop, new wave, hip-hop and italo disco. The only exception was for hard rock shit (heavy till death metal)… At the end of the 80′s I was touched by early house, new beat, techno, ambient, drum’n bass, abstract & experimental, noise, industrial, electronica and pop. In fact that’s fun because I discovered jazz, soul, latin, disco and funk all thanks to house music in the 90′s. But this passion for music is an endless quest…

Do you collect anything?

Music, horror and SF films. Sometimes comics like a famous series called “The Walking Dead”.

What is your worst addiction?

I’m a food addict so I love to eat diverse food, smoke, drink Coke (like a kid) and drink good wine.

Favorite website?

This is the main problem with the internet there are so many good, specialized websites or blogs when you’re into cinema, music, contemporary art etc; so I’m sorry I can’t give you any specific names but I can definitely say your blog is really amazing.

So what about this special mix you’ve put together especially for us?

You’ll find it to be a funky feel selection of oldies and newies representing a part of my musical universe. I hope you’ll enjoy this trip into my Keltonic World!


Kelton Prima – Welcome To My Keltonic World

1- The Popular Peoples Front – Tee Cut
2- 2030 – Cli-N-Tel
3- Love Club – Hot Summer Nights
4- David Astri – Dancing Digits (Todd Terje Mix)
5- Mark E – Rnb Drunkie
6- Tiger & Woods – Deflowered
7- Detroit Experiment – Think Twice
8- Motor City Drum Ensemble -  Raw Cut 3
9- Earl Flint – People Hold On (Instrumental Version)
10- Con Funk Shun – Burnin’ Love (Dub Version)
11- The Glimmers – Whomp That Sucker
12- Dinky – Twelve To Four
13- Kelton Prima – Vacuum Phenomenum (Ytre Rymden Dansskola Remix)
14- Woolfy – Oh Missy (In Flagranti Xenon Mix)
15- Funky Instruments – Luv Me Right
16-Thomas Ray from Starlight Boyz – Flight 404 (Kelton Prima Keltonized Version)
17- Yasmin Gate & People Theater – Waiting For You (Heko Remix)





Nov 14 / Shari


Niiiiice :-) Thank you very fucking much Star Guitar!

Daft Punk Vs Phoenix – Fences (Very Disco Version)

++ Heaps more Star Guitar mixes for download HERE

Nov 14 / Shari


Violent or not Sunday is Funday and it’s even better with some new MUNK.


MUNK - Violent Love (Social Disco Club Remix) [Buy It!]

MUNK – Violent Love (The Twelves Remix) [Buy It!]

Nov 13 / Shari


So we know the original is hard to top and this is definitely not the first remix/edit of this track but Shari and Vari know a fun version when they hear one. Thanks Russian Adults! Enjoy. Nice weekend…

Kate Bush

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Russian Adults Remix)

Nov 12 / Shari


Oh lala here’s a nice little freebie from The Hundred In The Hands.
It’s their new single ‘Commotion’ remixed by the mysterious production duo Tiger & Woods.
‘Commotion’ is taken from their debut LP, out now!

Happy freebie Friday! This remix should put some lead in your pencil… ;-)

The Hundred In The Hands – Commotion (Tiger & Woods Remix) [Buy It!]

Nov 11 / Vari


I don’t know much about Gay Marvine but here is a quote from his Facebook description  :
Gay Marvine, a creepy campy shadowy hedonist. Maybe he’s a gay vampire or something.

But what I do know for sure is that  Gay Marvine (Chuck Hampton) is very talented and knows how to make music fun. The man has done a really cool remake of Sister Sledge Lost in Music, The Revenge did a really good job with this as well. But right now I’m digging the Gay version. ;)  this played out loud will get you going.  I have also given you his version of Shalamar Make that Move. The original is soo good by its self. But some good remake never hurts.

Gay Marvine just released Greatest Mixes Fixes (go and grab it!) its
filled of really fucking cool remixes of good old classics. Its a keeper!

Gay Marvine – Make that move [Buy It!]
Gay Marvine – Lost in music [Buy It!]





Nov 10 / Shari


We’ve got these Swedish dudes on repeat! Seriously do yourself a favor and be sure to keep an ear out for more amazing stuff from these two incredibly talented, super funky electronic beat makers. Montauk, you guys get a massive thumbs UP from us. Hypnotic shit! ;-)

Enjoy 128 :-)

Montauk – Energy [Buy It!]
Montauk – Magic [Buy It!]

[Archive: Montauk remix]

Nov 9 / Vari


This time up we have had a very nice chat with the multi talented New York DJ/producer Eli Escobar. Signed to Plant Records and Money Studies. Eli is very well known for his many amazing remixes for about every big name out there. His production we can only describe as eclectic and brilliant. He has also been so kind to give us a never released edit (thank you!!) and the newly recorded live mix from his club night Work! (with DJ Lloydski). The live mixes from Work! are raw, dirrrty and makes you feel like you are right there on the dance floor.


What five words best describe Eli Escobar?

This is really difficult. I have no idea! How about Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

What are your earliest musical memories as a child?

Mostly listening to the radio, and watching MTV very early on in its existence with my awesome baby sitters who got me into Culture Club, Duran Duran and groups like that. Also seeing dudes with huge boom boxes in the subway and the street playing early rap and electro stuff always mesmerized me.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced in your career so far?

Ok one thing that comes to mind is DJing Tracy Morgan’s (from 30 Rock) birthday party at some point in the mid 2000′s. It started at 5am and was in some huge fancy loft in Battery Park City. There were stripper poles everywhere and all the strippers were really overweight and unattractive! The sound guy starts telling me where to set up, how to use the system, etc. and then I notice he’s Grandmaster Caz (who is an iconic New York rapper, famous for writing the lyrics to “Rapper’s Delight” and his group the Cold Crush Brothers)! Suddenly a little star struck, I think I said something nerdy like “I know who you are by the way” and he was SO grateful and friendly towards me after that. Anyways, the party was madness and went on ’til way late into Sunday morning and past the time I was contracted to play. By 10 am or something, Tracy has his shirt off and starts offering me money and liquor and coming up with crazy requests and I was literally falling  asleep while he was talking to me. I also remember there being no one left at the party except him and one other dude. Even the fat strippers had gone. I was with my wife and we were both so tired, we decided to plot an escape. Grandmaster Caz told us about a secret elevator or something and somehow, with his help, we managed to sneak out with 4 crates of records without Tracy noticing. Is that wild enough? I’m not that wild of a guy sorry!

What’s in the future for you?

I have enough material completed to put out an album but for now I will put out another E.P. because it seems dance music translates better in that format. So my next E.P. will be out soon and has a few deep instrumental cuts on it and a feel good dance song with Nomi Ruiz singing on it called “Desire”.  After this release I think an album will happen.

What are you listening to now?

I’m really into the Tazz record called “World Of Techno” especially the track “Unrestrained”. The new Morgan Geist project “Storm Queen” is an instant classic. Kyle Hall’s “Sun Goddess” record is great. Those are a few off the top of my head. As far as non-dance stuff goes it’s usually the same old people like Siouxsie, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. Not so interesting I guess! I did really like the Memory Tapes album.

What is your favorite word?

Probably “Duh”. I seem to use it a lot.

What do you fear most?

Probably my grandmother passing away. That’s a bit personal, but it’s inconceivable to me that it will ever happen.

Do you collect anything?

Um, yes. Records, for the last 30 years of my life. Comics, sneakers and toys here and there, but the records remain.

What is your worst addiction?


Please tell us more about your club night Work! .

Work! is a monthly night I do with my friend DJ Lloydski the first Thursday of every month at Submercer. It’s a cozy little club in Soho with a great sound system and so far it’s been the most fun party ever. We play lots of house and techno and some disco and new wave stuff also.


Womack & Womack – M.P.B. (Eli Escobar Re-Edit)
Eli Escobar & DJ Lloydski – WORK ( 11/4-10)
Eli Escobar & DJ Lloydski – WORK (30/9 -10)


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Nov 7 / Vari


Alex Q is a German tech – house producer,  just discovered his music. Liking it, allot!
Giving you a little teaser from his EP Endlich Frühling and one of his Dj mixes. Enjoy!

Alex Q – Cliff [Buy It!]
Alex Q – My way home (Liveset)

Nov 4 / Vari


We got the Thursday blues. A good track always helps :)
Thank you OOFT! (Ali Herron & The Revenge) for all the beautiful music.

OOFT! – In search of Ecto One [Buy It!]

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