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It’s always a pleasure catching up with my pal Walter Merlin Jones and as usual he’s busy doing what he does exceptionally well! :-) Sooooo have a read, check out the demo they ever so kindly provided ONLY us with and get up to speed on what’s been happening lately! Very nice stuff. We’re excited and we want more!!!


Who is Graceful Exit?

Walter Jones and Tate Masimore (AKA Chas Bronz).

What’s the story behind your name?

Walt – Well, we were coming up with names and one of us came up with Death cab for Cutie, but we thought what a STUPID name. But, for real, we were thinking about “Happy Endings” which could mean a few other things, but that one was taken as well so Graceful Exit came to mind as an alternative. A grim thought is we all will eventually pass on to the other world, hopefully we can make a Graceful Exit. It sounds very dramatic, anyway.

What five words best describe you guys?

Walt – Succulent, tangy, crisp, refreshing and delicious!

How did this collaboration come about?

Walt – There is a debate going among Tate and I about who approached whom first. We admired each others music and we emailed each other to start talking and eventually start work on music.

What are you listening to now?

Tate – I’m listening to “Lust” by Rinder and Lewis, simply amazing work!

What’s in store for you guys for what’s left of this year?

Walt – We played a few shows in Brooklyn, New York and Boston, Massachusetts so far, which were all a success. We have a date confirmed with Austin, Texas for New Years Eve. Past that we are wide open as far as touring. We are in a transition period right now. We are fine tuning our group as far as our outside collaborations and labels we are working with. Our songs are very strong and our new album is coming out.

What’s your favorite word?

Walt – LOL, what’s yours?

What sound or noise do you love?

Walt – The voice of a loved one.
Tate – Waves crashing on a beach…

What advice should you have taken, but did not?

Walt – Never get old.

What’s your vital daily ritual?

Walt – Other than morning activities to wake up, not to have a daily ritual.
Tate – To be as productive as possible, and stay positive.

What’s your worst addiction?

Walt – My daily ritual.
Tate – Music

What’s your favorite website?

Walt – I used to check out the Deep House Page regularly a few years ago, but being a visual entertainment geek, I have stuck with YouTube for now.


Graceful Exit – Let It Ride (Demo Version)

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