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Dec 21 / Vari


Introducing Dj Kimichi, Oslo´s golden boy. This young man got skillz and has a very eclectic taste in music. Kimichi has made us a mixtape and we are more than happy to share this with you. Enjoy!


1. Dorian Concept – Fort Teen
2. Milanese – Disclosure Instrumental
3. Oddisee – Viva Brasil
4. Platinum Pied Pipers – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover ft. Rogier (break)
5. Dj Center – Centers Groove (break)
6. Fudge Fingas – Gettin’ Together
7. OOFT – This Sound
8. Proviant Audio – Proviant’s Night Out *sample
9. Nadastrom vs Heartbreak – Church
10. Flying Lotus – Catacombs
11. Vakula – You Can Do
12. Kashif – Call me Tonight
13. Gesaffelstein – Glass (Original Mix)
14. Ralph Myerz – Itz me
15. Bjørn Torske – Loe Bar
16. Global Communication – The Way
17. Dj.T – City Life Feat. Cari Golden (Maceo Plex Remix)
18. Evans Pyramid – no i wont
19. Intr0Beatz – Fry Chicken
20. Ralph Myerz – You Got what it takes
21. Cry Wolf Death Star Disco Outro

Dec 15 / Vari


Ok guys, here it is! We have been waiting patiently for this mix for about five months. And today New Found Land delivered in perfect timing, a master piece of a mix. This made us feel inspired and a little hyper active at the same time (which is a very good combo). If you missed the previous mix we posted you can grab it here. Now just sit back enjoy ;)


1. New Found Land – Let The Night
2. Mario & Vidis feat. Kathy Diamond – In My System (NFL Remix) (Silence, 2009)
3. Sweeney Todd – Pretty Women (NFL Interpretation)
4. Few Nolder feat. Asmik Grigorian – Habanera (XYZ Remix) (XYZ, 2011)
5. New Found Land – Drinkanta feat. Anne Gallien
6. Cock Robin – The Promise You Made (NFL Edit) (Mindless Boogie, 2009)
7. New Found Land – Brit/French Women
8. New Found Land – Lenin
9. Spanic – Bring On The Night (NFL edit)
10. New Found Land – Wake A Man
11. George Michael – Outside (NFL edit)

Dec 11 / Vari


We are in the mood for some retro love..Have a good sunday!

ABC – The Look of Love (Young Edits Re-Construction)

Steve Woodwind- Higher Love (Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit)

Hall & Oates – Out of Touch (Project Tempo Re-Structure)

Dec 1 / Shari


Oui that’s right folks HEAT (Part 2) is back tomorrow night (Friday December 2) at our favorite Parisian discothéque Chez Moune and we are ready to DANCE!!! To get you in the mood HEKO (Paris) has made us an absolutely superb mixtape… Play it loud!! HEKO, OXFORD, Patrick 3000 and of course Shari & Vari can’t wait to see you there! <3

Le TWENTY Blog (Sydney / Oslo) revient Chez Moune!! Après Kelton Prima en août, le jeune prodige OXFORD (Toulouse) viendra dérouler le tapis rouge au piano 90s et mélodies romantiques. Mystery man “Patrick 3000″ sera équipé pour faire bouger ton corps. Hosting by HEKO & Shari. Vari (Oslo) l’âme soeur du blog sera en ville, so come and pump up the HEAT with us!!


01. Marco Passarani “Colliding Bonus Star”
02. Munga “Attraction (Munga remix)”
03. Martin Brodin “Badabing”
04. Weekend Express “Going to Chicago”
05. Joey Negro “Beyond the Dance”
06. Blendbrank “La Magie”
07. Tommy Disco “Disco Lights”
08. Hannulelauri “Europa”
09. PWNDTIAC “Angus Beef”
10. Tiger & Woods “Lab File #12″
11. Cosmonauts “Disco Biscuit”
12. Serge Santiago “For Ever Gold”
13. Edwin Van Cleef “I Feel You”
14. La Bombe Music



Nov 29 / Vari


We are inspired and happy to have Lars Brodherr aka Larse with us for an interview session. This talented German got our attention this summer with his strong sexy grooving nothing less than flawless production “The More I Want”. He recently followed up with “ So Long” out Noir Music, again an instant hit with us. The deepness and the sexy vocals of this track got us yet again dancing with big smiles and closed eyes, just as we like it! We’re happy to have Larse with us and looking forward to what he’ll serve us up next.


Who is Larse?

I’m an 35 year old guy from Dortmund, who’s running a Radio Show called 1LIVE Klubbing every Friday since 11 years now.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s Disco-driven, Funkaddicted Housemusic

Who has been the biggest musical influence on your life?

I think it’s black music from the late 70’s to the early 90’s- Prince, the whole Westend/Prelude Stuff

Name three of your favorite records old or new?

Here my dear – Marvin Gaye
1999 – Prince
The Mecca and the Soul Brother – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Out of your body of work what is your favorite track and why?

Hmm..? That’s hard to answer, I think “The More I Want”  is the track, which starts the journey ;). But I also like “Mehari” which I produced in Formentera with my mate Fish…We had such a nice time on the island and I think you can hear it in that particular one!

What is your second favorite things after music?

Family, My friends, Good Food, Vintage Cars

Whats on your radar right now?

Working on some Remixes, my next E.P, and playin’ a lot of Gigs in 2012.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?


What turns you on?

Good food

What’s at the top of your shit list?


++ Check out more Larse on Juno , Beatport & Soundcloud

Larse – Promo Mix for ART OF DARK/ LONDON 

++ Check out his newest PodOmatic mix here

Nov 20 / Shari


Courtesy of our friends Kristian Santiago & Malibee. Get your RnB on!

Love Me – Malibee & Kris Santiago Edit

Nov 18 / Shari


Be in love with us.

And don’t forget to remember all the good things. Happy Friday wherever you are.

Karaman – Moonbeach

Nov 15 / Shari


Welcome to Rewind#01. Every once in a while, Vari and I are gonna dig through the archives and post some tracks from back in the day that in our opinion should never be forgotten! We hope you enjoy this little trip back in time with us; and the tracks we post bring back some beautiful memories… We know they do for us! Much love always Shari & Vari <3

Imagination – Just An Illusion (Lindstrom Vs Todd Terje Dub)

Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Mix)

Lullabies in the Dark – Iridium (Superpitcher Rmx)

Nov 14 / Shari


As promised here’s an exclusive interview with one of our absolute faves Bogdan Irkük aka BULGARI! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when we fell in love with this genius, but one things for sure we are 100% committed fans! Aaaand Shari and Vari’s dedication only gets stronger and stronger every time he pops back up and releases something new! Sooooo speaking of new stuff Bogdan has kindly hooked us up with his latest release, it’s a cover, the original song was made by Little Dragon. Look out for this beauty, it’ll be released in the next few weeks on Djurriket Records.

Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. BULGARI – Twice


How did you start getting into producing your own music?

I just always wanted to. I would hear music that made me feel weird and I always wanted to be doing that too. When I was maybe 6, I loved The Good The Bad and The Ugly soundtrack, and my mother told me I would make music like that one day.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s love music from the recent future. From the skies over the desert. On the other hand I heard somebody call it “seedy pan-continental disco”, how can I argue with that?

What are your earliest musical memories?

I’m not sure. But I remember the first time I heard Good Life by Inner City, in the car with my brother. I was 12 or so. So impossibly good, a knock-out moment. That intro still gives me the chills every time.

Any musical family links?

Yes most of them would play music somehow. Some of them did it for a living. Lot of music. I was lucky because my dad and a couple of my friends knew everything about music that I loved. So even if I didn’t have a clue myself they would say, you’re singing this, because of this. Because they would have played it to me earlier. Does this even make sense? They would hear the Blackbyrds or the B.B.&Q Band, and yeah it turned out you could really trace stuff in the music I make.

What are you currently working on?

I’m fiddling around on a bunch of things, as always. I’m currently behind after not finishing traxx for two years… I’m catching up though! Sorry Your Highness, sorry Vladi, sorry David and sorry Leon… :)

What’s on your radar right now?

I’m listening to “Never Not Working” on the East Village Radio right now… pure gold, honestly

Name three of your favorite records old or new?

Three songs, so very unfair to million other songs… But here’s three that have always given me intense mix of happy and sad:

Electric Light Orchestra – Secret Messages
Madonna – Who’s That Girl
Jamie Principle – Your Love

What sound or noise do you love?

I love to hear someone sing when they don’t know that you hear. I love to see oldtimers play in a band. The sound in a restaurant when there’s no music. Trees. When the taxi driver plays Prince. Synthesizer.

What turns you on?

The waist.

What’s at the top of your shit list?

Ugly trancey “house music” on the radio. Fucking clowns… Also the taxman – I wish he would leave me alone so I can just hang around and listen to Who’s That Girl.

What is your favorite destination?

It used to be New York but now I live here! Otherwise Munich and Istanbul.

What are you most excited about right now?

New release on Djurriket any day now! Also, the waist.

Nov 8 / Vari


Christian Hunt
is a good friend of the 20. He makes sexy mixes and needs no further introduction, his great taste says it all. This is the fourth mix he has done for us, and we absolutely love them all.
Check out his previous 20 mixes here.


1.Hell – The Angst (Deniz Kurtel & Wolf + Lamb Remix)
2.Charles Levine – Stay Home (Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi Remix)
3.Art Department – Much Too Much
4.Eddie Mateos – Hypnotized (An-2 Speedway Mix)
5.Hell – Germania (Solomun Remix)
6.Trickski feat. Ernesto – Good Time To Pray
7.Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road (The Revenge Strings Of Fife mix)
8.Alain Ho – Into A Deep (Hot Toddy remix)
9.Jonny White & James Teej – Musique Noire (Jamie Jones’ In & Out Edit)
10.Maceo Plex – Can’t Leave You
11.Damian Lazarus – Different Now
12.Miguel Campbell – Something Special
13,Maya Jane Coles – Get Away (Subban Deeper Remix)
14.Crazy P – Open For Service (Ron Basejam remix)
15.Till Von Sein feat. Tigerskin, Lazarus & Meggy – Non Existent Love
16.Paradis – Parfait Tirage
17.Tale Of Us – Winds Of Change

Nov 6 / Vari


The weekend is over, but the music never stops for Shari & Vari. Here are a few tracks we have been digging lately. Enjoy and remember to support the artists!

  Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together (Micheal Mayer rmx) [Buy it!]  

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (Populette remix)

Persesus – Russian Girlfriends” 

Pompeya - 90 (Popnoname Remix) [Buy it!]

Chembass & Dixie Yure – Sky is crying [Buy it!]

Simon Weiss - Make a Universe Instead Of  [Buy it!]

Bonus baby ;
Martin Vogel – Tougher without Bruce
Track is from ; Perso Edits Volume One

Nov 5 / Shari


Oxford aka Antoine Rigail was up early this morning dropping off some French House. Bonthefuckjour! Shari and Vari have been following this clever young man from Toulouse for quite awhile now and it’s no secret… WE’RE BIG FANS! ;-) So much so that we’ve even invited him to be our guest at HEAT (Part 2) @ Chez Moune in Paris on December 2.

Oxford will be playing alongside two other extremely funky Frenchies (HEKO & Patrick 3000) that we looove, and between the three of them this night is going to be unforgettable! We strongly suggest you all get your party pants ready cos if HEAT (Part 1) was anything to go by, HEAT (Part 2) is gonna be off the hook! Merci for making us this punchy, super fun mix tape Antoine… Good vibes to the max! WE LOVE FRENCH HOUSE!!!!

1. Fotoshop – Too little, too late (Kuti 77 remix)
2. Surrender – Conflicted
3. Sunday Girl – Love U More (RAC Mix)
4. Keadz – Le désir (Avantime remix)
5. Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver Remix)
6. Yuksek – On a train (The Magician remix)
7. Louis la Roche – The Wall (Shook remix)
8. Oxford – Chiuso (+ Junior Senior – Moove your feet)
9. N.A.S.A. feat. Christian Rich (ODahl Remix)
10. Paul Monroe – Summer Dream (Chris Nemmo remix)
11. Patrick Alavi – Power
12. Jon Spanyol – Ignorance is bliss (Oxford remix)
13. Coeur de Pirate – Comme des enfants (Le Matos remix)
14. Q.G. – Razor (Ninetynine’s Rollin Mix)
15. Le Crayon – Downside up (Interlude)
16. Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood

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