Jun 24 / Vari



We invited the dutch Dj Job De Wit to do a mixtape for us as we really liked his taste in music from following his blog and listening to his mixes on soundcloud. He has now delivered in style, and we really dig this mix. Its a good quality musical journey that will absolutely make you wanna DANCE!

Job de Wit – JOB 40 BEHEMOTH Mix

1. Joe – “Twice” (Hessle Audio)
2. Alfabet – “Waus Music” (Rush Hour)
3. Andrea Esu – “E.S.U. Track” (Relish)
4. The Crystal Ark – “Touch” (DFA)
5. Bottin & Rodion – “Shooting Star” (Nang)
6. Bottin, Francisco & Rodion – “BFR (Space)” (Eskimo)
7. The KDMS – “Tonight” (Gomma)
8. Friendly Fires – “Live Those Days Tonight (Tim Green Main Mix)” (XL)
9. Appleblim & October – “NY Fizzzzz” (Schmorgasbord)
10. Deadboy – “Wish U Were Here” (Numbers)
11. Benoit & Sergio – “Principles” (DFA)
12. Azari & III – “Undecided” (Loose Lips)
13. Untold – “Cool Story Bro” (Hessle Audio)

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