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We have been big fans of Downtown Party Network since their debut release Days Like These back in 2008, which won us over instantly. Since then they have just continued to do so, not just with their own production and remix work but also their Dj mixes. We are really happy to have them on board The Number 20 and straight into our hall of fame. DPN are a duo from Lithuania consisting of Bradka and Saulty. Two very talented guys, we have now officially crowned them the kings of Balearic Disco ;)… They really have their own sound and they just cant seem to do anything wrong. The boys have also been so cool to make us an exclusive mix and trust us, this is beyond good! They just know how to put a mix together, such a sweet luscious sound floating through out the whole mix. We love it. Also keep your eyes open for their debut full length album, it will hopefully be coming out next Spring and we’re really looking forward to this.

Downtown Party Network – The Number 20 Mix


How did Downtown Party Network come about?

Saulty: Me and Mario Basanov with Vidis were celebrating there release “Test” 3 years ago and Mario said I have to meet his studio colleague Bradka. So we met :)
Bradka: Mario & Vidis are responsible for that. Seems like we were already friends of friends for a long time :)

What is it like working with each other? What do you both bring to the table creatively?

Saulty: It’s a mutual experience. I bring fruits, Bradka cuts it.
Bradka: Working together is really good, otherwise we wouldn’t. Saulty knows music structurally and stylistically, me – technically.

What are your earliest musical memories as a child? (Any musical family links?)

Saulty: I always remember this track of legendary Lithuanian artist Vytautas Kernagis (r.i.p.). I used to listen a lot to this one when I was a child, I don’t why, probably it’s because of it’s super mega funky lyrics which is impossible to translate in English as it’s a mixture of Lithuanian and Russian slang.
Bradka: I remember a big music center with loads of vinyls. Lithuanian and foreign records, which I used to listen to with my older brother.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced in your musical career so far?

Saulty: Meeting so many funky people around the world.
Bradka: Everytime I come to studio with a new synthesizer i experience a wildest moment :)

Out of your body of work what is your favorite track and why?

Saulty : My favorite is Days Like These for sure, it was our first track from which we started all this adventure. Regarding remix – so it’s our remix of Deadstock 33′s – Golden Twilight.
Bradka: Days Like These, because that was the reason to start everything.

What are you most excited about next?

Summer vacation! Last year was super busy, so I’m thinking about those 2 weeks when I will do nothing :)
Bradka: Really excited and looking forward to our album.

Any dream (remixing) collaborations you’d like to take on?

Saulty: We’re doing so many remixes at the moment, that the only dream
now is to have our album asap ;)

Bradka: Would really like Dimitri From Paris to remix our tracks.

How do you see today’s music scene in Lithuania?

Saulty: There are a lot of talented producers like Mario Basanov, Few Nolder, Leon Somov, S13, Brokenchord etc.. and it’s growing everyday. Party wise, sometimes it’s too boring..
Bradka: Regarding electronic music our scene is growing very fast. And I believe that in the near future Lithuanians will have their own sound as french do.

What’s been on repeat lately?

Saulty: Mario & Vidis – Ryyk, Max Essa – How Do You Feel, Alex Israel – Walking To Gunterville
Bradka: New album by Pompeya

Name 3 of your favorite records old or new?

Saulty: These come first to my head: Metro Area – Metro Area (Album), Groove Armada – Black Light (Album), E-Dancer – Heavenly (Album)
Bradka: You should look out for new DPN tracks :) it will be more than 3!

Favorite website?
Saulty: Google
Bradka: Google


++ Check out more DPN on Juno & Soundcloud

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