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Today’s mini interview is one very close to our heart. If you haven’t already heard about our very good friends, Hamburg’s LOVEGANG then today is the day to get the fuck up-to-date! ;-) Julia, Katja, Frank & Nadja are the four beautiful Germans that make this gang of loves heart beat! This gang is special (in every way), and it’s because of this, that putting this introduction together has been a bit tricky as we don’t want them to be seen as anything less than AMAZING!!! The LOVEGANG have been there for The Number 20 since our humble beginnings, professionally and personally and we are so proud to be apart of their family aaaand we’re even more EXCITED!!!! to introduce them to you! :-)


How did you start getting into producing your own music?

We did not start yet to produce music, but we will! It’s just a matter of time, after producing photos, music documentaries and Fashion…

How would you describe your sound?

It’s got the heart of 70s/80s Disco and Pop Music and the Soul of mid 90s R&B. Mixed with some Wave, Rave and Synth flavored champagne bubbles! Tasty! Try it! ;-)

What are you currently working on?

We just have been Djing at Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade! Amazing vibe over there… Amazing people too! Mid July we’ll have a Berlin excursion with our little stepbaby ‘Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?’ as an exhibition of Katja’s Synthesizer stills at Achteinhalb Concept Store and followed by a party in beginning September with wonderful guests. Mid August we’ll be Djing and hosting at the Dockville Festival next to Hamburg.

What new projects are in store for 2011?

Launching our shop on LOVEGANG.NET.

We love our logo, it’s all about Lovegang, it can’t be better! So we’re working on a fashion collection with the logo too!

Name three of your favorite records old or new?

Julia’s 3 faves with LOVEGANG: Fleetwood Mac – Dreams + Loose Joints – All over my face + Roxy Music – Love is the drug

Nadja’s 3 faves with LOVEGANG: Noel – Silent Morning + Madonna – Get together + Q Lazzarus – Goodbye horses

Frank’s 3 faves with LOVEGANG: Nathalie – My Love Won’t Let You Down + Billie Ray Martin – Sweet Surburban Disco (Vince Clark Remix) + Chantay Savage – If You Believe (E-Smoove Remix)

Katja’s 3 faves with LOVEGANG: New Order – Blue Monday (Original) + Shades Of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden (Original) + Loveland – Let The Music (Lift You Up)

What’s the story behind your name?

LOVEGANG. LOVE is a Gang. We are gangstars of LOVE. LOVE is unique, LOVE is the drug, LOVE is all we need. And most important we LOVE music…!

What’s at the top of your shit list?

Rainy Summer in Hamburg, J-Lo covering Lambada and people buying this shit ;-) plus bad sound systems.

What turns you on?

When the bass kicks in! Intense vocals. Pianos. A good hook line and LOVE.

What is your favorite word?


What sound or noise do you love?

Screams of JOY!

What five words best describe you?

Classy. Hilarious. Sophisticated. Devine. Georgeous. Hysterical.

What are your musical influences?

Musikladen – German TV Music program with girls dancing half naked ;-)

Any musical family links?

My mother is Madonna and I’m Lourdes = LOVEGANG ;-)

Any dream remixing collaborations you’d like to take on?

Lovegangstars – ‘Now Scream’ (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or experienced while on tour?

Getting booked for a hairdressing convention (over thousands) as LOVEGANG… They thought we were a band, not a DJ Collective and they were a little bit surprised! We kind of did a band performance in the end, dancing and partying on the huge stage…! :-)

What is your favorite destination?

LOVELAND, Tel Aviv, Manchester, Paradise Island

What’s on repeat this week?

Eli Escobar feat. Nomi Ruiz – Desire

What are you most excited about right now?

Having a brand and launching the collection!

Find LOVEGANG here:






12.08.11 – Dockville Festival
02.09.11 – “Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?” @ Golem, guest Dj’s – The Mirrors
03.09.11 – Photo Book Days Hamburg
08.09.11 – ”Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?” Exhibition finissage / Achteinhalb Store + party @ Super Sonic Club in Berlin – Guest Dj Sarah Blackwood (Client)
01.10.11 – LOVEGANG @ Golem


Loveland & Rachel McFarlane – Let the Music (Lift You Up)

Aki Bergen – Feel So Good (Original Mix)

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