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A very talented Hamburger has made us two mixes, we will give you the first one today. Let you chew on it a bit then we will give you the next one soon :). Martin Broszeit born in 1972, Martin started spinning at the age of 17, he mainly focused on HipHop and HipHouse back then. Going under the name of DJ Phoenix and he soon became a regular guest in all of Hamburg’s top venues and events. Later on in 2001, together with production mate Chopstick (now Labelowner of Soul and Producer of Fritz Kalkbrenner), they formed “Smart System” and one of their tunes was placed on Tiesto’s “Nyana” compilation, two more tunes were signed by Germany’s House veteran Oliver Moldan.

The buzz made bigger labels become aware of the duo and eventually, one of Smart System’s remixes made it on top of the official German Dance Charts. Martin has really been around and he has supported most big names, there are too many to even fit in here. We found Martin through one of his mixes, and were instantly¬†infatuated with his sound. As soon as you listen to this mix you will know what we are talking about. Dreamy, emotional close your eyes and dance music. Marin knows what he is doing. Enjoy!

Martin Broszeit – SIDEWAYS

1. Larse – The more i want
2. Steffen Deux – Sexual Relation
3. Chymera – Ghosts
4. Riley Reinhold – Someday
5. Hosh – Antonell Screaming (Steve Bug Mix)
6. Sebastian Davidson – Walking in the Distance
7. Mano le Tough – Baby Let’s Love
8. Nuno dos Santos – Always forever (Chymera Mix)
9. Humate – Love Stimulation (Vincenzo Mix)
10. Maja Jane Coles – Sodium
11. Martin Dawson – No one belongs here more than you
12. Shonky – Easy d’Or
13. Shonky – Searching
14. Shonky – Le Velour

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  1. Mhlengi / Jan 3 2012

    i totally agree, martin has great taste in music… the mixes (i have about 6 of them) are as you put it “close your eyes”… the man is a blessing to music lovers

  2. Vari / Feb 8 2012

    Nice ;)

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