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Matthew Kyle (aka MK & No Requests) you have probably heard his music and mix tapes by now. If not well then you are in for a real nice treat. We would describe his sound as deep, smooth and very delicious, he always takes you on a journey and shows you how sweet house music can be. He isn’t called the slo mo master for nothing. Matthew also just started his own label named In the woods. The second release was released October 10th, which is by an amazing new artist from Mexico, Joseph Terruel. We highly recommend checking out the releases from his new label, its seriously good. We now welcome Matthew into the 20 hall of fame and please be sure to check out his guest mix.
We don’t like it, we LOVE IT


What five words best describe you?

This. Is. A. Difficult. Question.

How did this whole music thing start for you?

I started DJing about 12 years ago right after high school. I went to a warehouse party for the first time when I was barely 18 and instantly fell in love with house music. I saved up, bought the DJ equipment and spent the next 6 months teaching myself how to beat-match. I started producing about 2 years ago. At first simply as a way to edit songs for my own DJ use but that hobby quickly evolved into sampling and creating entirely new songs based off of a 4 or 8 bar loop. Music has always been a crucial part of my life and I feel like “this music thing” has happened very organically for me and will continue to grow and mature into something more than a hobby the more I work at it.

How would you describe your sound?

Without sounding too pretentious – Soulful and deep. I love melodies and songs that move me emotionally and I try to re-create that in the samples I choose and with the overall feeling of the finished product. Ultimately I produce songs I want to hear and if you’ve listened to enough of my work I think my sound describes itself.

What are you listening to now? Who should we look out for?

I’ve been so focused on electronic, down tempo, and dance music lately that I have been forcing myself to listen to “bands” just to break the cycle. I’m really into The Black Keys, Beach House, Mayer Hawthorne, Lee Fields, Sharon Jones, and a whole slew of other proper musicians that have a throw-back kind of vibe. I have to mix up my music, its never a good idea to just listen to one style or genre. I can’t limit myself to such restrictions. I think you should look out for whatever moves you. Wether it be new or old. Listen to what you want to listen to.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced in your career so far?

I don’t think I’ve had a “wildest” moment yet. I’ve had great gigs where I’ve played in an abandon warehouse to 300 people and I’ve had equally amazing gigs where I play to a bar of 10 people. For me it’s about the atmosphere and the overall experience. I play what I want and have been lucky enough that most crowds get into the down tempo side of things, they just need to be eased into it. However, my most proudest moment so far has been my first solo record on Diner City Sound. “Honey Sugar” on the A-Side was, to date, my biggest song. It definitely pushed that record to sell out. I’m still in awe of being able to release my music and the opportunities I’ve been given.

What is your favorite word?


What sound or noise do you love?

Silence. Seriously… Living in NYC my senses are constantly bombarded with heavy white noise; car horns, gargled subway speakers, loud neighbors, crying babies, street musicians, and a million other auditory distractions. I revel in the peace of silence. Give me a good book and a quiet place to read and I’ve just found Nirvana for the next 3 hours.

What is your worst addiction?

Technology. I’m always on my laptop, the interweb, or checking email. I make it a point to “unplug” for a few hours a night or sometimes a whole day. But then when I plug back in my inbox is flooded and I have to start the addictive process all over again.

Name 3 of your favorite records old or new?

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue, Portishead – Dummy, Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights

Whats your favorite website?

Soundcloud. I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for SC

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My best friend. She know’s who she is…

Any dream (remixing) collaborations you’d like to take on?

I would love to work with (or remix) LTJ and Eddie C.


Fudge Fingas – What Works (Vakula Mix)
Ponty Mython – Sunshine
Francis Inferno Orchestra – All Up In This Shit
Kastil – Lazy Beats
Memoryman – Soul Drops
Memoryman – Sleepless Disco Nights (Nicholas Remix)
Fritz Zander & Chopstick – How The Fuck Did I Get Home (Dub Mix)
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Go Easy On Me Girl
Stephen Day – Discovery
Luminodisco – Too Night
Lurob & Madina – Dancing Persuasion (Dave Allison Sunday’s Calling Remix)
Sebastian Davidson & Enthousiaste Gasten – That Song (Huxley Remix)

++ Check out more Matthew Kyle on Juno , Juno UKSoundcloud & In the woods

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