Oct 26 / Shari


DJ Woody, the busy little eclectic bee from the The Phenomenal Handclap Band is back on board on the 20 this ‘Woody Wednesday’ with not ONE but TWO AMAZING mix tapes, to be heard here first!

Fresh off tour with Bryan Ferry, our friend and musical wizard Patrick Wood has successfully transported us to an unknown and very exciting destination… Download and enjoy this sweet musical tour (x2) from a very talented individual, that insists on sharing his gift of extremely good taste with all of us! Thanks Woody, once again we are very privileged to be riding with you, and we looooove what you do to our ears!

PLEASE NOTE: DJ Woody will not be providing track lists this time round, as he wants us all to dust off our spotty specs just like the good ol’ days… Oh how we love a challenge!

Big love from the 20 xoxo P.S. Ahhhh fuck this is killer!!!!!!!

Download >>> Dancing in the Leaves
Download >>> Creeping and Crawling

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