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As promised here’s an exclusive interview with one of our absolute faves Bogdan Irkük aka BULGARI! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when we fell in love with this genius, but one things for sure we are 100% committed fans! Aaaand Shari and Vari’s dedication only gets stronger and stronger every time he pops back up and releases something new! Sooooo speaking of new stuff Bogdan has kindly hooked us up with his latest release, it’s a cover, the original song was made by Little Dragon. Look out for this beauty, it’ll be released in the next few weeks on Djurriket Records.

Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. BULGARI – Twice


How did you start getting into producing your own music?

I just always wanted to. I would hear music that made me feel weird and I always wanted to be doing that too. When I was maybe 6, I loved The Good The Bad and The Ugly soundtrack, and my mother told me I would make music like that one day.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s love music from the recent future. From the skies over the desert. On the other hand I heard somebody call it “seedy pan-continental disco”, how can I argue with that?

What are your earliest musical memories?

I’m not sure. But I remember the first time I heard Good Life by Inner City, in the car with my brother. I was 12 or so. So impossibly good, a knock-out moment. That intro still gives me the chills every time.

Any musical family links?

Yes most of them would play music somehow. Some of them did it for a living. Lot of music. I was lucky because my dad and a couple of my friends knew everything about music that I loved. So even if I didn’t have a clue myself they would say, you’re singing this, because of this. Because they would have played it to me earlier. Does this even make sense? They would hear the Blackbyrds or the B.B.&Q Band, and yeah it turned out you could really trace stuff in the music I make.

What are you currently working on?

I’m fiddling around on a bunch of things, as always. I’m currently behind after not finishing traxx for two years… I’m catching up though! Sorry Your Highness, sorry Vladi, sorry David and sorry Leon… :)

What’s on your radar right now?

I’m listening to “Never Not Working” on the East Village Radio right now… pure gold, honestly

Name three of your favorite records old or new?

Three songs, so very unfair to million other songs… But here’s three that have always given me intense mix of happy and sad:

Electric Light Orchestra – Secret Messages
Madonna – Who’s That Girl
Jamie Principle – Your Love

What sound or noise do you love?

I love to hear someone sing when they don’t know that you hear. I love to see oldtimers play in a band. The sound in a restaurant when there’s no music. Trees. When the taxi driver plays Prince. Synthesizer.

What turns you on?

The waist.

What’s at the top of your shit list?

Ugly trancey “house music” on the radio. Fucking clowns… Also the taxman – I wish he would leave me alone so I can just hang around and listen to Who’s That Girl.

What is your favorite destination?

It used to be New York but now I live here! Otherwise Munich and Istanbul.

What are you most excited about right now?

New release on Djurriket any day now! Also, the waist.

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  1. Israel Vazquez / Nov 15 2011

    “When I dream of Bogdan…” I just love him! Congratulations on your interview, chicas – and furthermore on your blog, which KEEPS ME — HANGING ON!
    Hope to see you again, soon….anywhere ;-) Un abrazo de Frankfurt, Israel

  2. Shari / Nov 18 2011


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