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Lots of good shit happening in Oslo these days. This coming Friday (10/2), Fisk & Vilt will be hosting the very first Oslo edition of the super cool Disco Deviant Party. Pablo Contraband is the founder of the party and the blog and will be headlining this exciting night. We have had a small chat with Pablo, so that you can get to know him a little better… Also be sure to check out his tunes and head down to Fisk & Vilt this Friday, expect nothing less than quality sounds from Pablo with good support from hWah.
++ Grab his brand new edit here. 


What are you doing right now?

I’m multi-tasking, trying to reach Jon Dasilva on Skype, sending Zoo Look their fee for next weekend online, listening to the Midnight Riot LP out soon on ISM and trying to get the motivation to draft and issue the paperwork for Rayko’s US tour. All in a days work at The Unity Agency.

Whats on repeat at the moment?

Jon Dasilvarecently sent us a new mix which is outstanding so that’s been on a lot, a guy called Second Guesser in Paris his new mix is tight, Shackles edit by Drop Out Orchestra, Blondes – Water (Bicep remix) and Chamboche has some excellent new stuff, Anodyne and Mello (BLM remix) all on a lot and I play them both everywhere right now too. Just got a Maetrik vinyl through so that’s due on shortly, bit tough for the daytime though I think.

Who are your musical heroes?

My musical heroes are varied, I would say Andrew Weatherall is the big one for me as a DJ and I respect his maverick approach to music, fashion and life in general. I also loved The Cure and Robert Smith was a teen idol for me. Both very influential in my taste in music. In more recent times Greg Wilson has been a massive influence and a great help in establishing Disco Deviant and inspiring lots of DJ’s and clubbers to give disco, soul and electrofunk a try as well as bringing the edit style of production into this millennium for a lot more of us to pick up upon.

Will this be your first visit to Oslo?

First time to Oslo for me, so I’m excited. Really looking forward to seeing it briefly and of course meeting hWah and playing on Friday night. It’s his birthday you know… I have a lot of music to go through and decide upon and maybe a couple of edits to put together especially if I get the time to finish them.

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  1. Disco Dave / Feb 7 2012

    For more about Drop Out Orchestra mentioned in the interview, check out the exclusive set just posted here: http://anightoutwithdiscodave.blogspot.com/2012/02/discos-transmission-2-drop-out.html

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