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We hereby introduce you to the multi talented mister Martin Bjørnersen aka DJ Hele Fitta. This means The whole cunt! Yep, that’s right with a name like this you have to be something special and we dare to say that he is. He has great taste in music and also extensive knowledge of this wonderful field. He is like a walking music encyclopedia. We dig the Whole Cunt and his guest mix. Its fresh and very clean.

Who is Hele Fitta?
I’m a DJ, music writer and sometimes TV blogger(?!), but mostly just a fan of good music. I play records around town – mostly gangsta rap and gay disco. Preferably both genres, at the same time, but sometimes separately as well. I also make music, sometimes with my potna Salvador Sanchez as Punani SS (check it!).

Any comments on your mix?
It’s basically me just playing whatever record I could find within arms reach one early spring afternoon at home, trying to keep myself busy on my first day of my first attempt of giving up cigarettes after 20 years, so that’s also my excuse if the mix is a little … shaky. OK, the intro was “rehearsed” one time but other than that it’s just a spontaneous celebration of unexpected sunshine and too much coffee. No gangsta rap on this mix unfortunately (jungle Brothers DEFINITELY does not count) but apart from that it’s pretty much as all over the place as anything I do: a pop tune that I love, some italo, some underground disco, some Norwegian stuff (one “nugget” and one big choooon), some incredibly incredible house tunes and some nineties freestyle to round it out. It’s spring, my belle!

Jungle Brother – Beyond this world (Acapella)
Human League – Fascination (Extended)
Alberto Carrara- Disco King
Roni Griffith – Voodoo Man
Kat Mandu – I Wanna Dance
Magazine 69 – Don  Quichote (Gay Marvine Edit)
Prince – Let’s Work (Dark Dancer Remix)
Olav Brekke Mathiesen – Vi Drar
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
Lidell Townshell & M.T.F.- Get with You (Riot Remix)
Lidell Townshell – I’ll Make U Dance (Jef K/Chris Carrier Re-Edit)
Jossette – In a Dream (Funky Florida Freestyle Mix)

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  1. Tod Louie / Mar 14 2012

    Thanks for a great set at Blå last weekend :)
    This is just as good!

  2. Kango / Mar 15 2012

    Fin miks Martin!

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