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The Spirit Soul Mix Archive is a place where you can find mix-tapes from a variety of DJs who play spirited, soulful, and forward-thinking nu-disco/house/deep/funk/new wave. We here at the 20 are regular visitors and we can highly recommend it! We’ve been lucky enough to pin Mr SSMA aka Dustin down and ask him some questions about his not so little brain child! ;-)

So if you don’t know about this wonderful archive; which has an abundance of killer handpicked mixes (trust us), then today is your lucky day!


What are you doing right now?

Checking my email and favorite pages on internet… The usual sort of routine.

How did Spirit Soul Mix Archive start?

From the beginning it started as a webpage many years ago, it then turned into a blog on word press and after another a couple of years I moved over to facebook, were we are today.

Are you a DJ/Producer/Booker/Event organizer or just a massive music lover? Tell us more about your involvement in music…

Well I must admit that I’m a giant music lover! Music has always been a big part of my life and in the old days when internet was not as big as it is today I spent a lot of money on CD’s & vinyl. I suppose we lose the importance of music when it’s divided into zeros and ones. Nowadays I buy way to many mp3′s but since it’s my biggest passion I don’t care how much I spend.

What are you doing when you’re not spreading the word about great new mixtapes?

It actually takes a lot of time (hours per day) but besides from that I have my daytime job, hang out with friends or watch some good TV shows or a movie.

How would you describe the music scene where you are?

The scene in Stockholm is not that big I’m afraid. The clubs that play house & nu-disco stuff are few… The best clubs are active only during the summer so there’s not that much happening during the winter… To name a few – F12, Slakthuset, 2:35 and OH!

What’s on repeat this week?

A new project my friend Chris Jylkke is working on with Satin Jackets, it’s still work in progress but it’s really good! I’m getting sent updates on the project now and then which is cool. Plus I’ve been listening a lot to the M A N I K: Spring | The 2012 WMC Edition too!

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Music! It sure sounds boring but it’s the truth. I listen to music at least 3-4 hours per day and some days even more. But it doesn’t really bother me cause I really love what I do.

How far do you plan on taking the SSMA? Future goals and aspirations?

For now it’s gonna stay as it is, I have no plans of going back to a website cause it’s so easy to communicate through facebook and same goes with SoundCloud. Why change a winning concept? The site has grown way bigger than I ever thought so there is no need to change anything… I might start posting more articles about music and parties around the globe to help people find good clubs in regional areas.

Favorite website?

SoundCloud for sure, it’s the website I spend most of my time. It’s a perfect way to find new artists and producers that I would never have found elsewhere. It was only weeks ago they celebrated over 10 million users and that’s kinda remarkable for a place that has only been around for such a short time. The timing was perfect when Myspace was in a stage of dying.


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