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We’ve had a nice little chat with two fellow music heads Tod Louie & Solaris… The boys have just started a very cool club concept in Oslo called Echo. They have both been organising parties for a while and are both very experienced DJs, and their new weekly concept has quickly proven itself to be very good quality! They have mixed it up nicely with local and international bookings, Shari & Vari loves their enthusiasm for music and their friendly approach to the scene. Vari is playing alongside these guys tomorrow night (27/4) at Bollywood Dancing! So now you know where to to spend your Friday nights…

What are you doing right now? 

Tod Louie: Actually I’m in taking a break from looking up some new tracks. The Word Championship of Snooker is running on Eurosport, which is not to miss. Once you first start following it it’s really addictive in combination to the Norwegian commentator Torstein “TrickWik” WIk. You should check it out! Besides that I’m picking out some new tracks for the weekend at Bollywood. I’m really looking forward to play with Vari again.

Solaris: Living in Oslo and working for a marketing company. I also have my studio here, and most of my friends, and Dj gigs. As far as it goes! At the moment, I’m working on our (with Tod Louie) weekly concept ECHO at Bollywood Dancing, which is turning out pretty nice. We have some amazing bookings lined up for the coming Fridays, including Deniz Kurtel live In May. We are also doing “Det Gode Selskab” (In Good Company) on some selected Sundays as well as on some selected Mondays. These events will take place at secret locations, and at Fisk & Vilt.

Who are your musical heroes?

Tod Louie: Hard question.. My father is a pianist and built a big stage in his backyard throwing everything from swing festivals to techno parties. Got to admire that. But beside from that my musical influences varies from funk, disco, Chicago house to more deep, classic house. If I should pick one artist that is my musical hero I got to say Nina Simone. And my all time favorite is her track, Sinnerman! There’s so much good music out there, and my sets got a little bit from many genres. A bit eclectic, if you know what I mean?

I would say there are 100 of them, but to scale it down I will pick out a few special ones. Music wise – Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, LTJ Bukem, Fleetwood Mac, Nightmares On Wax, Otis Redding and Lucien N Luciano. – DJ wise : Steve Bug, Zip and Four Tet.

Whats on repeat at the moment?

Tod Louie:  I’ve found an old track from Joubert Singers called Stand On The Word. I think it has been remixed by Larry Levan as well. But this new remix from Hot Coins is a real smasher! Really funky, and its bass lines will definitely make an impression on the dance floor! Its quite slow, 105BPM. But if you can keep the BPM around 105-110 for a while, and then suddenly drop that song!.. That’s whats great being a Dj.

Solaris: There are defiantly a few tracks on repeat, but there are two tracks that stands out for me in my Dj sets, and that is ; Portable – One Way feat. Efdemin and DJ Slip – Available Light (Franco Cinelli Remix). Besides this I’m always listening to Van Morrison. You should all check out one of the most essential albums of all times – Astral Weeks from 1968. Stunning! See you at ECHO 27.04.2012 with  Solaris, Tod Louie and wonder guest Vari

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