May 8 / Vari


Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo) is coming to town! He is promoting his debut album with a European tour and will grace us with a DJ set at Fisk & Vilt this coming Friday (11/5). What can we say about this guy..? Well he is from Finland, he started producing deep house in the 90s..He has numerous productions under his belt, his experience and great taste in music clearly shines through in his productions. We have been following his musical trail for a good while now and with great pleasure. After listening to his new album ‘Dawn’ we became even more hooked. This is album is full of good musical energy from start to end. Starts you slowly and works you up to a point where you can not sit still. Its eclectic with a fusion of old and new school house, acid, techno, catchy vocals and emotional  melody. All in all, Its Fresh!

What are you doing right now?
At the moment I’m doing the promo for my debut album ‘Dawn’. Doing interviews, guest mixes and lots of gigs. In the meantime I’m working on a few remixes which will come out during the summer. After I’ve finished those, I’m planning to get to work on some new originals.

Who are your musical heroes?
Thats actually not a very easy question. I have so many heroes. From Stevie Wonder to Fela Kuti. From Derrick May and Lil Louis to the Underground Resistance guys.

Whats on repeat at the moment?
One of the coolest tracks at the moment is the new Toby Tobias – Paradise Lost on Throne Of Blood. Another great one is the new Wil Maddams release on one of my favorite labels Local Talk. The new Sebastien Tellier album is also something that i listen to quite a lot these days.

Will this be your first visit to Oslo?
Yes this will be my first ever visit to Norway. Its actually quite strange that I’ve never been there considering that we are neighbors and all. Always wanted to go and now i finally have a chance to come there.

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