Oct 5 / Vari


These two wonderful German creatures make and play the most beautiful music. Their sound is kinda perfect. Dreamy, relaxing and very driving, all at once. It’s techno baby! ;) We first discovered the duo through Miras soundcloud and her non stop killer mixes. So it’s time now, time to share the love (and the killing!). They have given us a more than good mix tape, that you can download the good old fashion way…We will leave it at this and let time and music speak for it self.


What five words best describes you?

 M: Curious, emotional, open minded, organized, clumsy
C: Impulsive, melancholic, curious, distinct, lazy

How did this whole music thing start for you?

M: It started in the early 90ies with some illegal underground partys in my hometown and a lot of big raves in Berlin. I was totally impressed from that new sound, this crazy mixture of party people in Berlin who danced all together friendly in old buildings away from it all.

C: Girls :)

What sound or noise do you love?

M: Birds’ twittering in the springtime after a long winter
C:  Silence

What’s on repeat this week?

M: The new record of Günther Lause “Wakema” on Laut und Luise
C: Handsome Boy Modelling School – Once Again

What are you currently working on?

M: Find some new sounds which fits perfect in my sets
C: A new Live Set which will hopefully be finished soon

Name 3 of your favorite records old or new?

M: NU “La Sirena Negra”, Patrick Chardronnet “Boggler”, Hakan Lidbo “Televinken”


Any dream (remixing) collaborations you’d like to take on?

M: Günther Lause :)
C : Anders Trentemøller

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

M : Music
C:  Music

What is your vital daily ritual?

M : Coffee and cigarettes and check my emails in the morning ;)
C:  Food

And then you get the exclusive mix from Mira & Chris back to back at Club Der Visionäre , Berlin 10/9-12 >> ENJOY!
Souncloud : Mira & Christopher Schwarzwaelder

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  1. Shari / Oct 8 2012

    Very nice :-)

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