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Mathieu Clé aka CLOSED PARADISE is a very talented French Producer/DJ from the south of France. We stumbled across his work earlier this year and have kept a watchful eye ever since… His music can be slow and sexy, funky and dancey, perfect for chilling at home, or work wonders for escaping reality when taking public transport… Perhaps it’s all that fresh southern air, but this guy is not only versatile but he’s very VERY musical.

Check out what Mr Closed Paradise had to say and download the mix-tape he made especially for us!


1: (excerpt intro)

2: Miguel Campbell – Night Mode

3: Mario Basanov – Something About

4: Ron Basejam – Get Closer

5: Ben la Desh – Motion

6: Erdbeerschnitzel – Devotion

7: ( I called U)

8: Miguel Campbell – Into your High

9: Drei Farben House – Fluid Finish

10: Ben la Desh – 27 Degres

11: Fantastic Man – It’s essential

12: MAM – Foursome

13: Ben la Desh – Drug Carrier

14: House Mannequin – KA

15: Scuba – Heavenly

16: Lil Louis – The Story Continues

17: Miguel Campbell – Boy


What five words best describes you?

It would be better if I tell you something that doesn’t describe me! ;-) Hmmm… OK so I’ll try to describe to you my feelings about music during this interview.

How did this whole music thing start for you?

The music thing started when I was really young.. My two older brothers were into dance music, so I followed them. Then after an accident when I was 15 years old, I realized that I couldn’t play sports anymore so I decided to buy turntables, records & start composing music with a really bad program called “E Jay”.

What sound or noise do you love?

I love the sound of waves, but if we’re talking about music I love all kinds. I think there is a good sound in any style… But for sure I’ve always listened much more to electronic music.

What’s on repeat this week?

Well there’s nothing on repeat this week! I just have my new turntables since a week therefore I’m only just playing all my records now…

What are you currently working on?

I am working everyday on my music but besides that I am starting a new project as a theater teacher.

Name 3 of your favorite records old or new?

Hard question! But the first three that come to mind are “Ben La Desh – Motion // Tornado Wallace – The RL DL // Spice Girls – (Wannabe) ;-)))

Any dream (remixing) collaborations you’d like to take on?

I have a lot of dreams… Hmmm about remixing I’m not so sure… I mean I don’t like to remix a lot! Although a collaboration with Sleazy Beats Recording would be amazing!! I just love all they do.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?


What is your vital daily ritual?

Of course I have to wake up first! Then I eat something, drink water (no coffee no tea, ONLY water!) Then I smoke a cigarette and then I listen to music! After that anything can be possible…

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