Jan 8 / Shari


I’ve recently returned from Australia, it was an interesting trip home… Whether we like it or not, we’re constantly being reminded that life is very fragile. I feel very blessed to be where I am, I feel very lucky to have my health, I feel super privileged to have such wonderful family and friends all over the world, and as cliché as it sounds.. but so so true… ALL WE NEED IS LOVE! Appreciate everything, life is what you make it! Happy New Year and take care of each other <3 Shari

Lake People – Point In Time [Buy It!]

* Dedicated to my hero MIKA NADI

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  1. Bjørg-Ida / Jan 8 2013

    Beautiful Shanna <3

  2. Shari / Jan 11 2013

    Rest In Reace.
    I love you Mika.
    Forever my hero.

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