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Dec 17 / Vari


We love to promote up and coming bands and producers. Our favorite Australian label Future Classic have given us some very cool tracks to review from some of their new artists. Three very cool bands definitely worth checking out Houses , Moon Holiday & Mitzi.

Moon holiday - Capsular

Shari says: Beautiful vocal, smart arrangement, melancholic yet sweet.

Vari says: Atmospherically pleasing; it’s my kind of winter sound. I really like her vocals, beautiful.

Mitzi – All I Heard (Radio edit)

Shari says: To me this is an interesting morph of VHS vs BETA, Cut Copy & Chromeo. All quality acts, sooooo that’s a compliment. Fun indie Pop POp POP!!!

Vari says: Nice and uplifting indie pop. I don’t mind this as all.

Houses - Soak it all up

Shari says: The name is perfect! Whilst listening to this beautiful little song you feel pleasantly immersed, safe… sponge like. Love it!

Vari says: Liking this, perfect soundtrack for traveling around town.  The sound it self takes you on a little journey.

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