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Apr 5 / Shari


Ummmmmm excited much…?! Holy shit coz we are! It’s our absolute pleasure this fine Tuesday morning to blog two of our favorite Russians ever Kostya & Vasya otherwise known as Acos CoolKas! We’ve been following these guys for a long time now and then one day… WE FINALLY got the guts to contact them and find out if they would be interested in jumping on board the 20 with us as we really just needed to know mooooore about these two unbelievably musical freaks! Obviously they said YES! Whoooo! :-) So please take the time to read what the guys have to say, they’re super cool, very interesting and they’ve got a great sense of humor! It’s a BIG TIME A+ from us!

Oh and clearly there’s shit loads of goodies on their Soundcloud but if you haven’t heard the Positive Sounds Volume 1 Mixtape they did a while ago it’s a definite Shari & Vari fave! Aaaaaand for fucking ages, because we didn’t have a tracklist, and were not yet in contact with the guys we’ve been wondering what the killer track was at 41.54 minutes and now WE KNOW!!! It’s a remix An-2 did for them and it was also their first release on the Theomatic label! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Awesome track – we looooooooooooove it! Get it here :-))))) Thanks Boys!


What’s the story behind your name?

Our project was named by our Internet  nicknames, we put them together and it was Acos CoolKAs. We didn’t spend much time to create this name and decided that it will do. We thought we don’t need a name for our first steps in music world. But time showed that it was a proper name. Coincidentally internet browsers don’t suggest any porno links at request : “Acos CoolKas” ;-) and we hope this will not happen in the  future unless Kostya decide to participate in a XXX movie one day as he is in a very good shape!

How did this whole Acos CoolKas thing start?

It started 10 years ago in 2001 when internet, daft punk and French disco entered in our homed city Omsk. Dial-up Internet was available only for the “chosen ones”. CD discs with music and different software were passed from hands to hands, from one person to another. We were lucky to get a CD with a simple music editor program and we found out that we can create music with it. It was like a discovery of the universe for us!!!! New realizes of our beloved French music were are available in Omsk. We could never hear these tracks on the radio, DJ’s didn’t want to share. These conditions were creating a vacuum in our souls, we had to create music by ourselves copy in our idols. We took a sample from space and zodiac, made loop for 7-8 minutes, added beat and the track was ready! In a couple of months with such experiments we discovered  a secret of cut-off effect from wah-wah effect and we started to desire more. We started to gain experience without knowing the right direction. 7 years passed from this moment until our first EP “Skyline” was born.

What are your earliest musical memories?

Kostya: We had a vinyl record player at our parents home, they loved to listen popular music, Italian pop music and of course Modern Talking. I had to except that parents preferred pop music…
Vasya: The earliest pleasant memories are related with cartoons, I still enjoy listening to the music from “Nu Pogodi” (it’s a cartoon similar to Disney’s “Tom and Jerry”)

Any musical family links?

Label Theomatic is our musical family in Russia. Perfect musicians and our good friends D-Pulse, and Pompeya are cool musicians too. The best bar in the world and our friends at Bar Druzhba (look at  just some of their guests)…! And this wonderful blog Raketa.

How would you describe your sound?

Our music is a soundtrack to our child dreams about space trips. In those days the idol of most children was Yuri Gagarin.

What are you currently working on?

During a few months we have preparing our new tracks for release on Theomatic. We don’t make only a music that’s why our processes delay. We are not fast guys in making tracks, we can start strongly but then never finish it…

What new projects are in store for later this year?

We are planning to release EP on Theomatic, we hope we will get it.

Any dream remixing collaborations you’d like to take on?

Our major dream is working with Erlend Oye, we are his big fans!

Name three of your favorite records old or new?

It’s very difficult but this is one of our lists…

Metro Area – Miura
The Whitest Boy Alive – 24K (Morgan Geist cover)
An-2 - Diva (September version)

What’s on your radar right now?

Trujillo – Looking up through you (Original mix)

What sound or noise do you love?

Vasya: I like a woman’s voice pronouncing the name of train stops.
Kostya: I like the information melody on the Paris railway station very much. I had been deliberately standing there and listening to that melody more than one time.

What turns you on?

Alcohol on Friday evening :) But seriously, when 2-3 simple melodies are compiled and we can’t keep calm and stand up to dance.

What advice should you have taken, but did not?

It was Andrey Zakharov’s advice about good sound. He told us that we should think about music much more than for making perfect sound.

What’s at the top of your shit list?

Vasya: Pa  PanAmericano was very popular in Russia last year. It was playing everywhere and annoying me. One day I was seating in café, waiting for my supper and I was forced to listen to a freaky DJ set. It was composed of many Pan PaAmericano parody tracks. It was the most terrible hours in my life!!!

What are you most excited about right now?

Kostya: I’m getting ready to visit Sonar festival in Barcelona.
Vasya: I stopped smoking yesterday and it’s pressuring me now…

How do you see today’s music scene in Russia?

There are a lot of Russian music projects, many young musicians releasing cool tracks. Some Russian musicians have their own style and its great!

Favorite website?

Facebook – it has EVERYTHING!


Check out more of Acos CoolKas on Juno, Blog & Soundcloud

Jun 6 / Shari


Another stunning track from our favorite Russians.

Acos CoolKAs – Robot Love

Acos Coolkas - Pulsar (EP) - Robot Love

Jan 9 / Shari



Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (The Acos Coolkas Synth Touch Mix)

Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (Instrumental)

D-Pulse – More (Acos Coolkas Excessive Mix)

Acos Coolkas – Robot Love (Downtown Party Network Remix)

Sorcerer - Chemise

The Love Supreme – Sugar (Social Disco Club Remix)

P.S. Support the artists and eat the sandwiches ;-)

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