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Mar 30 / Vari


Canadian Edward Currelly aka Eddie C has been so kind to donate some of his precious time to do this interview for us. I got very inspired to interview Eddie as I met him a few weeks ago at club Jaeger in Oslo. The funny thing was as he just walked in the door, my friend Ø. Morken was playing one of his tracks… What a cool welcome! Eddie and his wife just happened to be in Oslo after gigging in Bergen. Derrick May and Diskjokke was playing that night so I guess he knew where to go for a drink.

We first heard of Eddies music in 2009 and we fell in love with his sound straight away. His music is simply beautiful and he is clearly musically gifted. Eddie has become a household name, and since 2009 released one good release after the other. And not to mention all of his remixes for names such as : Worst Friends, Duff Disco, Sean Brosnan & 9dw.

Eddie just doesn’t seem to disappoint. Saying this his newest album is out now. 11 tracks filled with deep disco grooves and soulful house, accompanied by beautiful vocal samples. We give it 10/10 with no hesitation. Its released as 12″ EP of which all three part make up the album “Parts Unknown”. The whole album can be purchased here. Part 1 you can get here & Part 2 here. Part 3 will be out on April 12th.

We have picked out some of our favorite Dj mixes from Eddie C, enjoy!

Eddie C – Technique 015
Eddie C – Keep It Deep Guest Mix
Eddie C – Cool In The Pool Mix


Hey Eddie what are you doing right now?

Hi!  I just finished scooping the litter box. Brought in some wood. Made some coffee. Watching Fish TV… regular day to day stuff.

What five words best describes you?

What five words describe me?

What are your earliest musical memories as a child? (Any Musical family links?)

My grandmother was a violinist in a symphony orchestra. Other than that, my mom is Swedish and was heavily into ABBA for the first few years of my life. I can’t remember if I liked it much but we used to dance a lot in my house. It makes me feel weird every time I hear an ABBA tune though. Reminds me of the farm. I loved the turntable that was in our house. I wish I could remember the make. It was one where you could stack like 10 records on top of each other and it would play them in sequence. It had it’s own EQ and Volume control.

What’s the wildest moment you’ve experienced in your career so far?

Geez… where to begin… finding records and record stores in Toronto in the late 80s after hearing about them on the radio. Throwing a rave at my high school in ’93. Winning the battle for East Toronto Supremacy in ’98 with my best friend Dry. Getting booked to play a club in Kitchener we had to drive 250 km to get to, only to find it was under construction, so we kept driving to Detroit instead for a Richie Hawtin party.  Showing up to a regular gig here in Banff only to find out it was a stag party with strippers and still doing the party.  Bitchslapping a guy in the face for stealing a couple of my records he claimed he thought were ‘menus’ and then members of the Calgary Flames throwing him out of the club.  Paying a guy in beer for a full year to hang out in the booth with me to deal with girls requesting nonsense – it was his dream job!  Watching my friend DJ in a lounge where a fight broke out and turned into a complete brawl. One guy reached up to hold onto the DJ stand which was just a table up high on a stage.  The entire DJ stand came crashing down onto the dance floor everything smashing to pieces… amazing!  The day I had my first international gig outside of North America was the day that volcano in Iceland blew up… all my flights were cancelled.  My wife and I took trains for the entire tour for a month all over Europe and made it to every gig!  It was like “The Amazing Race”. I’m sure there are many more.  I really should start writing this stuff down.

What are you currently working on?

Relaxing.  A few remixes and some new material always on the go. Constant organizing and reorganizing of records.

How would you describe your sound?

How would you describe it?

Out of your body of work what is your favorite track and why?

I used to do a lot of “field recording” if that is a term? Whenever my wife and I would go traveling I would bring my recorder with me. I’ve made full length albums from the recordings of each trip. My favorites are from Belize, Turkey and Haiti. I love that sort of thing because it is so personal.  Kind of like when a smell reminds you of a certain thing or a certain time in your life.

What can you tell us about your studio setup? What made you choose the instruments/plugins/ hardware /software you have now?

Choose!? Whatever is lying around really… it’s all so outdated it’s embarrassing!  I don’t really know what a plug-in is.  Should I admit that?  I have a nice set of turntables and lots of nice records, lots of cheap percussion tools and a few analogue things kicking around. I have family in Haiti. I use a not-very-good program I got from a guy in Port-Au-Prince in ’02. He was using it to put Eminem vocals over Cutty Ranks beats or something.

Any dream (remixing) collaborations you’d like to take on?

Something super mainstream like Gaga or T-Pain. Then I could just buy a van and drive to Mexico. That’s completely sarcastic of course, sort of.

How do you see today’s music scene in Canada?

It’s excellent in very small pockets across the country. Honestly, probably close to the best but on such a small scale.

What’s been on repeat lately (what should we look out for)?

I’ve been watching a lot of Kids In The Hall lately. A Canadian sketch comedy troop from the early 90s.  I got a record in Bergen from Knut Skodvin which is crazy! I’m really enjoying all the International Feel releases. The Gatto Fritto album is sounding dope.  That new Soft Rocks album is great. Mark E’s new album sounds superb.
I have been listening to two radio shows regularly recently: Beats In Space from New York and African Rhythms Radio from Vancouver.

What new projects are in store for 2011?

My album should be out by the time this article is out. My friends and I here are working on a few offshoot labels that are picking up where 7 Inches of Love left off. It’s pretty exciting to make your own records. I have a number of other things to work on for various labels I’ve already recorded for… we’ll see what I can finish! Working on sorting out a brief tour of the US around the DEMF.

What sound or noise do you love?

Good ones or absolute silence. Smells are better, like campfire, fresh cut grass, coffee, diesel fumes in a hot crowded place, street food at night, new records, old records, record stores.

What is your worst addiction?

waking up early… not really an addiction I suppose. But I really should sleep more. It’s the farmer in me I suppose.

What’s at the top of your shit list?

As in shit I can’t stand? Probably sarcasm in music. I’m not interested in people having a good time because they think something sucks. It happens a lot around here.

Check out more of Eddie C on Juno, Facebook & Soundcloud

Jul 16 / Shari


The Number 20 Loves You!

Worst Friends  – Neve’s For None (Eddie C Remix) [Buy It!]
Duff Disco – Fame
Ron Basejam – Is The Word [Buy It!]
Hot Toddy – Down to Love (Shiny Objects Remix) [Buy It!]

Mar 7 / Shari


Eddie C, the Canadian West-Coast native is my choice for a rainy rare funk Monday morning.

Eddie C – You’re Welcome
Eddie C – Hold On

Check out more releases from Eddie C on Juno

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