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Jun 27 / Shari


Popular Computer – Pop Heart [Buy It!]


Feb 5 / Shari


It’s Mini Interview time again and it seems the theme of late has been Attack of the Frenchies’…! ;-) Well, what can I say..?! I’m just very lucky to live here in Paris, surrounded by so many cool and super talented people. Vari and I have been fans of Sylvain Dalido aka PC since way back when, and we absolutely kaned ‘Darling‘, track 4 on his album ‘Senso Data’ (2009). I mean, to say it was ON REPEAT is an understatement, it’s 2012 and we’re still listening to it…! ;-) But hey, when we love something we REALLY LOVE SOMETHING! :-)))

Since then PC has been busy making heaps more rad music, ‘Lointain is another absolute killer and on the 20th of February the album “LiTE” will be out via Schmooze. We hope you enjoy the interview and don’t forget to buy the album! :-)


Who is Popular Computer?

My name is Sylvain Dalido, I’m living in Paris.

How would you describe your sound?

Romanticism, nostalgia, melancholy and love seems represent my work. The sound is digital, quite pop and without too many words.

Who has been the biggest musical influence in your life?

I guess «PRINCE» !!!

What’s the story behind Darling (fucking masterpiece)..?

When I made this song I thought it was impossible to be on time for the train of love… That was the main idea. I gave it to Kitsuné to have a listen, but no reaction came from them… Another day I worked again on it again and I found the track was much betterat 124 bpm. Originally it was at 120 bpm. I sent it back to Kitsuné and two days later they gave me a contract.

Name three of your favorite records old or new?

Boys and Girls – Bryan Ferry
Love on the Beat – Serge Gainsbourg
Feline – Stranglers

What is your second favorite thing after music?


Whats on your radar right now?

The new album by Leonard Cohen.

What’s on the agenda for 2012?

We just released a single called «Lointain» with some fresh remixes. To me «Lointain» is the best song I have done in a long time.  The album “LiTE” will be out the 20th of February via Schmooze. On «Computer Science» with Lifelike an EP with remixes should be released around April this year… I’m also working on a new Popular Computer EP too.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my green bike… It has changed my life. It’s my way in feeling like I’m sixteen years old again.

What turns you on?

To share an Indonesian meal with a girl I don’t know.

What’s at the top of your killer shit list?

Just right now? Hmmmm… An Italian Dj / Producer called «Bottin» Excellent!

What do you think about all this SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) stuff…?

It’s a little bit like in China, no? Internet blacklist, no access to Wikileaks etc. So it’s strange in a way for democracy… But maybe there is some hope because lots of honest people don’t want this. We will never be able to actually stop people from stealing things because it’s just too easy to copy digital information. But copyright infringement is real so we need some rules or another way of consuming the music. Actually music is the only art which is becoming totally free?? I’m still perplexed about this. When I like records, I buy records… However, sometimes I think that music is an hostage to give more power to people who want to rule the world. Complicated!

Popular Computer Juno ++ Popular Computer Soundcloud ++ Popular Computer Discogs ++

Mar 28 / Vari


Yummy! This album is gooood. Mr. Popular Computer’s first album. Many great tracks, some old and some new. I truly believe this yet another must have :) Album available from Itunes or Juno download.

A teaser from the album : Missing in action

Mar 4 / Vari


Pacific! - Sunset Blvd (Popular computer rmx)

Popular Computer is a duo consisting of Parisian producer Sylvain Dalido and his computer (only one PC / one Keyboard).

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