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Jun 10 / Shari



Monday is the best day of the week! Well, we can always pretend.. So fuck it, let’s try to kick it off right anyway.. Here’s Shari & Vari Loves latest mix-tapes.
We hope you enjoy <3

Vari Loves – Charlie Love #4

Shari | Letting It Go | June 2013 Mix

Apr 3 / Shari


Spring is here and so is HEAT #3, Friday April 6 @ Chez Moune (Paris). This time we have a very special German guest… Our friend, the very talented, ridiculously funky and not to mention super sweet, Marc Liebe aka MALIBEE (Dench Disko/Frankfurt). He’ll be playing alongside me (Shari) and our HEAT resident HEKO (that Frenchman that can mix like a demon, make a cake and talk on the phone all at the same time)…! ;-)

Come one, come many! What can you expect? Sore feet! Dancing imminent. ;-)

Malibee – HEAT @ CHEZ MOUNE (06.04.2012) Minimix

Feb 17 / Shari


Yesterday we were in Russia, today we’re in Italy! Introducing the Irregular Disco Workers. Get ready for a classic Number 20 Mini Interview but with a little twist… The Irregular Disco Workers is a joint venture that was born in 2010 between two Italian producers, Gregorio Assandri (Cloned In Vatican) and Andrea Frittella (Dj Andryu).

These guys are eclectics and not lovers of distinction between musical genres, they pride themselves in fusing different styles to make a very unique and funky result. Sooo on the topic of fusion, the I.D.W. boys and myself have joined forces and made an ‘Irregular’ mixtape to accompany their interview…

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together :-)



1. Christine – John Carpenter (Crimea X Reinterpretation)
2. Into A Trap – Pional
3. Go Easy On Me Girl (Original) – Francis Inferno Orchestra
4. Fishbone – Things Happen (Kid Who Remix)
5. Inside & Out – Feist (Hannes Fischer Edit)
6. Dancing In Outer Space – Atmosfear (The Revenge Rework)


7. The Dining Rooms – Io Cammino Ma…
8. Cosmic Methal Mother – Italian Cowboy
9. Isoul8 & Mark De Clive Lowe – Stop Bajon
10. Felipe Sa – Party Rock (Markus Vareid Remix)
11. Berlitz – 1982 (Irregular Disco Workers Remix)
12. Soho 808  Feat. Lydia Caesar – Tuning Slow
13. Flatwound  – Kick Junior (Timewarp Inc Remix)
14. Lindstrom – Magik
15. Bocca Grande – Even If (Morning Factory Remix)
16. Whitney Houston  – Million Dollar Bill (Mike Simonetti Re-Edit)
17. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Following
18. Craxi Disco – La Verità Della Storia
19. Time & Space Machine – Pill Party In India (Psychemagik Remix)
20. Sally Shapiro & Johan Agebjorn – Outer Spacer Woman



G: Well… We are two guys, not  so young, that live in The North and in The South  of Italy, united by music, respect, honesty, and temporary work. We choose the name “Irregular Disco Workers”, because we are temporary workers in music (we don’t do this as first work, we do it for passion, and the results are always temporary, and not sure), because we want to identify all the music we’ve made and played in clubs as “Disco”, that’s not only connected to Disco Music, but to all music we like playing.

How did this whole music thing start for you guys?

G: I am interested to dance music since I was 12  Years old, where I followed releases listening to Italian radio shows of 90’s.  I start spinning records in 2001 at 20 years old, as a passion, with the mission not only to play music, but to grow “culturally” and open myself to music, and also to create my personal sound. In 10 Years a lot of things changed, now I have my label, I started making music in 2008 (I never thought of these things before), my background has grown, but I love and want to  learn something new all the time. I started working with Andrea at the end of 2009. In that period, I was searching for an help to manage my label “Disco Volante”, and I wanted to find the right person to do it: Disco Volante represented also myself so it was not a joke for me. I knew Andrea since middle 2000’s because we met each other online and posted in an Italian Dj forum. He did the remix for my first release “Disco Volante” in 2009, and I think he was perfect to manage a label because we have music vision in common. The label did good, so we start working together, and we did our first remixes in 2010 that was released last year for Italian I-Robots label “Opilec Music”: “The Units – Connections”. The two remixes were tagged as “ Dj Andryu And Cloned In Vatican Remixes”.  So, we’d like to create a shortcut (versions name will be to long every times if we leave our real Dj names) and we choose Irregular Disco Workers. This collaboration started with two remixes, the first is “El  Toro” By Cosmonauts, out on our label in 2010 and charted by important Dj’s, and the second is “We Love Computers” by Salta & Roma, posted in soundcloud in 2010 and out last year. With these two remixes some labels start contacting us to have  our work up until today and we hope also in the future…

A: I started “joking” with records at 18 years old, but I started Djing at 20… after buying my first console (with the first salary as computers programmer). I started make music in 2004… and I released the first vinyl in 2006, with my first project “Relative Depth” (dance/electro trio I founded in 2005). Later, I was not in sync with Relative Depth sounds and I started to collaborate with Greg. I went into Disco Volante officially in 2010 and now…..

What are you listening to now?

A: Now I’m trying to listen all news and all demos we receive at Disco Volante. Often I listen to soundcloud; I think this is the place for listening good tracks, great worldwide artists and also to find good inspirations.

G: Me too, Demos, soundcloud, and also worldwide digital shops with labels that  promote and produces what I like.

What’s the proudest moment you guys have experienced in your careers so far?

A: The first vinyl – The first gig as Irregular Disco Workers and The first I.D.W. EP (maybe in the next months? eheheheh)

G:  The first gig as I.D.W. was very important for us, because  was a confirmation that we were working, we don’t know if well or not, but we  were working. Our works played by important Dj’s was good too because they knew to exist. Also the tracks of Disco Volante played by Pete Tong’s Essential Selection was a big emotion for us.

What sound or noise do you love?

G:  Well I think I like all sounds, it depends from the period,  in some periods I listen to jazz, in other disco, in other techno, in other deep, in other Italo, in other oldies… It depends from the day and what I feel at the moment…  The only thing I can say is that I always listen to music everyday and I can do nothing without background music.

A: I love the noise of Lego bricks when shaking their box, it’s amazing! About music, I listen all kind of sounds, from easy listening to underground. In detail, I like bass and percussion and I fall in love when a track contains funk smell or Brazilian beats… I also love arpeggio, I would put arps in all our tracks and on spaghetti… eheheh…. ;-)

What are your worst addictions?

G: Well, as people in the north of Italy, I’m always in a hurry with deadlines, so I press people, Andrea especially, because all for me is urgent. In Italian we  said that I am “rompicoglioni”.  

A: I’m always late… I always eat like a pig… and I always tell people what I think (sometimes this is a good solution).

Name 3 of your favorite records old or new?

A: Lindstrom – Another Station, Eagles – Hotel California, The Wham – Last Christmas… But these are the first came in my mind.

G: Glenn Miller – In The Mood , Nicola Conte Feat. Lucia Minetti – Kind Of Sunshine , M&G – When I Let You Down… Also for me these are  the first records  I thought of.

What’s your favorite website?

G: The Number 20 obviously  hehhehehe … ;o)… Well to be true I don’t have a favorite website, but I always discover a new interesting blog or websites through my friends and others on the social networks.

A: Easy answer… Google… A door to the universe…

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

G: Music, my brain, my Ideas, my books, my PC, my Ipod, my vinyls, and all persons who believe in what I do.

A: Definitely music, but I can’t live without my family and… Pizza!

Any dream (remixing) collaborations you’d like to take on?

G:  Erlend Oye of Kings Of Convenience, I like his very particular voice, it would be very interesting remixing one of his song or producing a song with him. 

A: I like to collaborate with any artist that can stimulate my imagination. I’d like to have a chance with Hans Peter Lindstrom, I like his vision and his class. If I could have a voice for my tracks I definitely would like to work with Bjork. Her voice make me horny…. ahahahahah.

Jan 22 / Shari


Oh lala… I’ve FINALLLLY gotten my shit together and made another mixtape! YAY! I hope with all my heart you enjoy it. Lots of love, Shari :-)


1. Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix) – Madi Diaz
2. Under The Sheets (Original Mix) – Maceo Plex
3. D2ME – Andy Hart & Francis Inferno Orchestra
4. Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) – Parallel Dance Ensemble
5. Better (Arto Mwambe Remix) – Viadrina
6. Changes (Ron Basejam Remix) – Alena
7. Falling Out (Tiger and Woods Remix) – Body Language
8. Hollywood Seven (Disconet Dilemma) – Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel
9. Cosmorama (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Discodromo
10. Berlitz (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) – 1982
11. Swing Star (Part 2) – Todd Terje
12. Animal Dreams – Sapphire Slows


Aug 29 / Vari


Its Shari´s birthday today!!! So to show her some birthday love, I and some of our favorite producers and blog friends have picked out some tracks just for her. With this music I, Acos CoolKAs, Matthew Kyle, New Found Land, Marius Våreid, Downtown Party Network, Walter Jones & Patricia House wish you a really awesome BIRTHDAY! LOTS OF LOVE!

Martin Dawson - Is This Goodbye (Tale Of Us Remix) [Buy It!]  xx Vari

Casino Times – On My Mind   xx Vari

J.Viewz – Salty Air (ft Noa Lembersky)  xx Downtown Party Network

Pompeya – 90 (Acos CoolKAs version) xx Acos CoolKAs

Marius Våreid – Vallefaret  [Buy It!] xx Marius Våreid

Matthew Kyle - Honey Sugar (A1 – DCS001)  xx Matthew Kyle

Mario & Vidis ft. Jazzu – Who’s Shot The Silence?! (New Found Land Version by Few Nolder)  [Buy It!]  xx New Found Land

Lewie Day – That’s The Thing  [Buy It!]  xx Patricia House

Ron Trent - Intoxicate  [Buy It!]  xx Walter Jones

Mar 21 / Vari


I think I’ve been waiting for this mix since Shari learned how to Dj back in 2007. The day has finally come! My partner in all types of crimes has produced a mix. I’m seriously deeply GET DOWN proud to pass this gem of a mix on to you lucky mother f***ers. When It comes to music this beautifully retarded genius knows her shit. Download, save, copy, burn and add this to your playlists.


1. Nicolas Jaar – Time For Us
2. NUfrequency – Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
3. Fortune – Highway (Eli Escobar Remix)
4. Acos Coolkas – Untitled
5. Ali Love – Love Harder (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
6. Chaz Jankel – You’re My Occupation (Fromage Remix)
7. John Daly – This Is A Lonely Beat
8. KRUSE, Florian ft SAARA – Thrill (Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert’s Satinsoul Remix)
9. Mario Basanov & Vidis ft Jazzu – I’ll Be Gone (Downtown Party Network Remix)
10. Sebastien Tellier – Things Are Gonna Get Easier

Boots Is Shari SoundCloud

Oct 10 / Vari


I never get tired of Miike Snow , this picture and the girl in the picture :)

Miike Snow – Burial (Benny Blanco rmx)
Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson rmx)

Feb 26 / Vari


I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be

Roots – Shareefs Horse

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